Essential Oil of Navel Oranges

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Americans spend more than ten billion dollars on health and beauty products each year. Most of this massive tab is spent on the body’s largest organ, the skin. Both women and men shop for skincare products that are designed to protect the epidermis from the elements.

Do these modern-day nostrums actually work? Well, not if we call them nostrums. But there is some evidence to suggest that certain products for the skin can protect, cleanse, and even strengthen it. Today we will discuss essential fruit oil from navel oranges.

Essential fruit oils are one of the hot new trends in skincare. They are included in many of the world’s most popular skin creams and lotions. Why navel oranges? There is a reason. In fact, there are several.

First, navel oranges come from the citrus family of fruits, which means they contain ascorbic acids. When applied to the skin, these acids cause a tingling, refreshing sensation. No test has proven that they actually clean or protect the skin better than soap and water, but it certainly feels that way to most users.

Navel oranges also contain vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant when it enters the body. Many popular skincare lotions and creams include essential oils that they claim may make the skin look younger. But the evidence for this is tenuous, at best.

How does it work? Since antioxidants have been proven to stop the spread of free radicals, which can damage healthy cells in the body, many companies have taken a leap and suggested that they can do the same for the skin. But this remains an unsupported claim.

One thing we can tell you is why they use navel oranges. The navel orange is the world’s most popular eating orange. Each citrus producing state in the US grows large navel orange crops. As a result, the navel orange is quite cheap. It is also one of the larger oranges, which means more essential oils per orange.

While they may not be able to reduce or diminish the signs of aging, navel oranges have improved skin creams and lotions when it comes to customer satisfaction. That is, most people prefer skincare products that contain essential oils because they make taking care of the skin easier and more enjoyable.

For one thing, citrus is a pleasant and invigorating scent. When most folks use it in the morning, it actually wakes them up a bit. The ascorbic acids also make the skin feel cleaner, even if that is not the case. Last but not least, skin creams are generally good for the skin. Most of them contain sun block that protects our largest organ. So, anything that encourages people to use skincare products is, in our humble opinion, a good thing.

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