Exquisite Summer Fruit: Apricots

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Great news, fruit lovers – apricot season is almost here!

Have you never had a fresh apricot? If the answer is “no,” that’s not totally surprising – most of the time, unless you can get them locally, they’re not super-flavorful. That’s because most fresh apricots are picked while they’re still firm and before they’re fully ripe so they won’t sustain damage during shipping. It means they arrive at the grocery store intact, but not at their best in terms of flavor.

Not to worry…when you order fresh fruit from Hale Groves – including apricots – it’s still on the tree at the time you place your order so our quality fruits can ripen fully. We only deliver fresh fruit at its peak of flavor and ripeness, you get to enjoy fresh apricots that are sweet and slightly tart, with soft, juicy flesh that may have you saying goodbye to dried apricots forever!

What Exactly are Apricots?

Apricots are one of the summer stone fruits, like peaches, nectarines, and plums (in fact, you can use apricots in place of those fruits in many of the same recipes). Like peaches, apricots have soft, velvety skin, but they’re closer to the size of a plum (about 1-2 inches in diameter). Their color ranges from yellow to deep orange, sometimes with a bit of red highlighting. And of course, like all drupes or stone fruits, they have a hard pit at their centers.

How do Apricots Taste?

Apricots are often described as having a flavor midway between that of a peach and a plum, with sweet taste that has a tart finish. Apricots are wonderful eaten fresh out of hand, but great for cooking, too – in fact, they tend to do better than peaches and nectarines in main dishes that include poultry or pork because they have a stronger, less floral flavor.

Are Apricots Good for You?

Apricots are a recommended health food – and they’re low in calories, too (just two apricots amount to only 34 calories), so you can feel free to indulge! High in antioxidants, apricots are also rich in vitamins A, C, and E. Apricots have been shown to promote eye health and aid in digestion. They’re also high in potassium and a great source of water, which is important during the hot summer months when you need to stay hydrated.

How to Use Apricots

While they’re in season you can enjoy fresh apricots eaten out of hand – they make a wonderful, refreshing snack! If you have more than you can eat before they go off, you can make them into jam, preserves, or can them. They are also delicious grilled, used in a cobbler, and sliced into salads or as a topping for cereal. And of course, dried apricots are wonderful if you’re going hiking.

Now you know how wonderful this little fruit is, make sure you include apricots when you set up your next fruits delivery from Hale Groves!


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