Fun Gifts of Fruit for Summer Parties

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Summer’s here, and you know what that means – outdoor dining! After a winter stuck indoors, moving the dining table out to the porch or patio is always a treat. And you know what else is a treat? Outdoor-friendly food, from hamburgers and hot dogs to barbecue to corn on the cob to fresh summer fruit!

A Summer Fruit Basket is an Ideal Host/Hostess Gift

If you’ve been invited to a Memorial Day, 4th of July, or other outdoor summer party, keep in mind that gifts of fruit are the perfect addition to summer parties, no matter the occasion. A gift of fruit is especially welcome at a pot luck, because just about everyone loves fruit!

What goes better with summer than fresh and tasty citrus fruits? Delicious oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits are cool and refreshing in the summer heat and can also help your body replace all the vitamins and minerals that you lose from sweating when the weather is warm. Forget trendy fruit drinks – fresh citrus fruit juice will go a long way towards keeping your guests hydrated! Studies show that drinking fresh orange juice is hugely helpful for combating heat stroke and other heat related illnesses. Plus, fresh citrus fruit juice has a tangy taste that will make everything from appetizers to cocktails taste a little better. But wait – aren’t oranges a winter citrus fruit? Not all of them – you can buy Valencia Oranges (the world’s best juicing orange) all summer long through Hale Groves!

How to Use Fresh Fruit at Your Summer Party

  • Punch. One of the best ways to use gifts of fruit for summer parties is to make punch. Summer punch should be fresh, fruity, and ice-cold. Gifts of fruit like assortments of seasonal citrus fruit will give you several different kinds of fruit you can use to create delicious and simple summer punches. And since citrus fruit holds up exceptionally well in warm weather you won’t need to worry about the punch once it’s made – just put some fresh citrus sorbet and lots of ice into the punch to keep it cold. You can also use ice cubes made from fresh Florida orange juice to make punch and other drinks taste great!
  • Fruit Salad. There’s nothing easier than throwing together a variety of cut-up fruits into a large bowl – and few things more impressive-looking on your picnic table, too! Don’t be afraid to get creative, either…along with the chunks of melon, grapes, and summer berries, add mango, pineapple, peaches and apricots. The sky is the limit! You can also add slices of cucumber and fresh fruit to a bed of cool lettuce and top it with a light, lemon vinaigrette for a cooling salad everyone will appreciate.
  • Fruit Kabobs. Why should chunks of chicken and beef be the stars of the barbecue? If you’re throwing a Mediterranean-style outdoor party, kabobs are a must, and fruit kabobs make a charming addition to the tropical theme.
  • Popsicles made by freezing fresh citrus fruit juice are a tasty treat for kids that are easy to take anywhere and not messy even if they melt. Plus, kids love them. You can try making them at home with your kids to make it even more fun. Kids will get a kick out of being served skewers full of colorful fruit (especially if they’re alternated with mini mozzarella balls and prosciutto slices, while some fruits (like pineapple and peaches) are wonderful when grilled.
  • Fruity Desserts. Shortcakes, cobblers, sundaes, pies…fruit and summer desserts go perfectly together, combining sweetness with cool flavor that won’t weigh you down. Even something as simple as popsicles made by freezing fresh citrus fruit juice are a tasty treat for kids that are easy to take anywhere and not messy even if they melt. Plus, kids love them! You can try making them at home with your kids to make it even more fun.

To Sum Up…

Taking gifts of fruit to summer parties instead of a bottle of wine is sure to win you points with your host. Bring a fruit basket or other fruit gift to your next summer gathering, and watch your friends’ and neighbors’ faces light up when you arrive. Once word gets around that you bring gifts of fruit as gifts to parties and barbecues, everyone will want you at their barbecue!

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