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Got a number of graduation parties to attend this summer and not sure what to take? Fruit gifts from Hale Groves are a great option!

Whether you are able to attend the event in person or want to send a token with your regrets, gift baskets of fruit are always welcome. If you can’t attend a graduation party, it’s a nice gesture to send fruit to let the family know that you’re thinking of them even if you can’t be there in person. Giving gifts for graduations can be tough, especially if you’re giving a gift to a relative you haven’t seen in a while or the child of a co-worker or someone else that you may not know very well. Everyone can eat fruit, even if they are on a restricted diet or choose to have a diet that excludes certain items like sugar or wheat.

When you send fruit your friends and family will know that you cared enough to send a high-quality gift that everyone can enjoy! Here are five of our most popular summer selections:

  1. Sweet Georgia Peaches, starting at $29.99. Georgia Peaches have long had a reputation for sweetness, and when you try ours, you’ll see why! We hand-select only the top few percent that meet our standards for fragrance, juiciness, and flavor. Whether your graduate enjoys them whole, sliced, or smothered in cream, they’ll be sure to savor this gift and think fondly of you for sending it.
  1. Sweet Mountain Bing Cherries, starting at $36.99. Who needs candy when you can have cherry fruit? Sweet cherries are one of the joys of summer, and ours are way better than what you’ll find in stores. Harvested from high-altitude orchards in Idaho, our delectable sweet cherries are a healthy, refreshing, and energizing alternative to a box of chocolates!
  1. Valencia Oranges, only $37.99. If you thought you had to say goodbye to citrus when winter ended, think again. Tasty Florida citrus fruit is enjoyed by nearly everyone, and you can find our Valencia oranges online during the summer months. Grow in California, our Heritage Valencia Oranges can be shared at graduation parties or used to help make desserts and drinks for the party (they’re known for their juiciness and regarded as one of the best juicing oranges available).
  1. Apricots, only $36.99. Sweet and Succulent, these juicy little morsels are the perfect summer treat. Our Apricots are absolutely delicious and an amazing source of Vitamin A! Tree-ripened to perfection, these fresh, plump Apricots are sure to impress with a vibrant warm color and sweet tangy taste. They’re the perfect gift for the graduate because they’re so refreshing and can be enjoyed in so many ways.
  1. South Florida Mangos, starting at $34.99. In the wide world of tropical fruit, nothing tops our prized Florida Mangos! Ours are as close as you’ll get to straight off the tree, because they’re grown in South Florida, picked and shipped to order. These big, plump, and fragrant fruits have smooth golden flesh and a rich satisfying flavor guaranteed to please. We’ll select only the most magnificent local specimens, and rush them to your graduate, who can probably use a taste of the tropics after all his or her hard work!

To Sum Up…

Giving fruit gifts for graduations is very affordable, so if you have multiple graduates you want to remember this year you can feel good about sending them a lovely gift. Plus, fruit is always an appropriate gift regardless of the age of the graduate – kids love to receive a basket or box of brightly colored citrus fruit that has their name on it, while college graduates will appreciate the gift of healthy and nutritious fresh fruit because they may not be able to buy premium fruit for themselves while they’re seeking employment. As for older graduates, they’ll love sharing their gift with loved ones and appreciate not having to shop for fruit themselves for a bit. Fruit always fits, and that includes for graduations!

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