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Summer is almost over, and we don’t know about you, but we at Hale Groves are looking forward to fall. This has been a hot one, and we’re ready for crisp days, cooler nights, colored leaves, fresh fall fruit, and pumpkin spice everything! If you’re in love with autumn or want to please someone you know who is, check out these fall fruit baskets and other seasonal gifts from Hale Groves to help you celebrate the season:

  • Pumpkin Spice Coffee Cake, Only $37.99
    Speaking of “pumpkin spice anything,” we’re delighted to get the ball rolling with this autumn-tasting breakfast, dessert, or teatime treat. Fragrant with sweet autumn spices (including nutmeg, cloves, and of course, cinnamon), this moist and delicious cake pairs perfectly with a maple latte or chai tea to warm up a crisp fall morning.5-Star Rating: Yvonne says, “Bought this on a whim for pumpkin, and knowing Hale Groves’s reputation. This coffee cake was FABULOUS! Fresh, moist and not overpowering in pumpkin. Spices were the perfect balance. Even my pumpkin-deterring friends pronounced it very good. Served with a steaming cup of coffee is the best. Will definitely get it next year.”
  • Gingerbread Cookies with Orange Glaze, Only $39.99
    A holiday gift box containing traditional Christmas cookies with a citrus-y twist is sure to be a winner. The big, chewy gingerbread cookies are made with a holiday blend of flavorful spices, crystalized ginger and molasses, cane sugar, sea salt and flour. Complementing that traditional Yuletide flavor is a winter citrus glaze made from fresh-squeezed oranges. Individually wrapped for freshness, these amazing cookies arrive in a reusable holiday-themed tin. Don’t forget to order some for your own family!5-Star Rating: CJ from Columbia, SC says, “I totally enjoyed the Gingerbread cookies! I received them along with delicious oranges as a Christmas gift. I would like to reorder the cookies (for myself!) The orange glaze on the cookies is excellent. I recommend these cookies to cookie lovers everywhere!”
  • Holiday Joy Gift Box, Only $32.99
    Another of our holiday gift boxes contains a selection of the winter’s most popular citrus fruit (our own Grove Navel Oranges and Honey-Sweet Tangerines) plus gourmet snacks including sugar-n-spice cookies, crunchy pistachios, and foil-wrapped milk chocolates. No need to wrap it up – it all comes packed in our exclusive Holiday Joy Gift Box, making it a great gift for friends, co-workers, and family members near and far.
  • Grapefruit Trio, Starting at $36.99
    Pucker up – or not, because there’s nothing bitter about this fruit. There’s nothing like a ripe grapefruit for brightening up a chilly morning and keeping colds away, and this box comes carefully packed with three of our most popular, high-quality varieties: sugary wweet Ruby Red Grapefruit (fresh from Florida’s Indian River Valley), the brilliant Dazzling Deep Red Grapefruit, and the classic Sweet White. It’s a grapefruit lover’s delight!5-Star Rating: Sharon says, “Loved all 3 types and all were ripe and delicious, but the white were the sweetest! Shared the box with 2 other siblings. We all peeled them and ate them section by section. Highly recommend!!!!”
  • Holiday Fruit Rainbow, Only $59.99
    What a way to brighten someone’s day…with fall favorites (apples and pears) and winter citrus sure to add vibrancy to the dullest of days. The colorful selection of fruit includes four each Orchard Crisp Apples, creamy D’Anjou Pears, our Ruby Red Grapefruit, seedless Navel Oranges, vibrant Petite Red Navels, juicy Holiday Golds, and Honey Sweet Tangerines. Handpicked and carefully arranged, it’s a wonderful gift for clients, loved ones, a special family – and your own family! You won’t find fruit of this quality in your local grocery chain store.5-Star Rating: Katz from Colorado says, “A wonderful gift I am thoroughly enjoying! This package includes a great selection of perfect, juicy, delicious fruit that arrived in good condition in time for the holidays. Hale Groves far exceeds the other citrus fruit retailers and I highly recommend them.”
  • Savory Basket, Only $69.99
    One of our most popular gourmet gifts during the fall and early winter months! A great gift for the entertainer in your life, a handsome, reusable wooden tray comes ready to serve a variety of treats: Sweet Tangerines, creamy D’Anjou Pears and crisp Orchard Apples, Cheddar Cheese, Water Crackers, Mixed Nuts, and our own Honey Dijon Mustard and Pepper Relish. A variety of fall and holiday flavors that’s sure to please the most discerning palate!5-Star rating: Robert says, “This was a gift for two households. Everything was wonderful and they enjoyed the surprise.”
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