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It can be tough to know what to send your friends and family members for the holidays. Finding a great gift is hard – your recipients may never complain or don’t need much and trying to be creative year after year is a challenge. Maybe you’ve sent your dad a knickknack that’s wound up in a closet somewhere. Another year you sent your mom some nice-smelling handmade soaps, but were they really better than the store-bought ones? Another year you might have sent grandma some pictures of the kids in frames, but her house is small and she never found space to hang them. It can be so hard to shop for even the people you know best!

That’s where a lovely fruit basket comes in. You can bring incredible fresh flavor to your loved ones’ (and your own!) holiday spreads with Christmas fruit gifts featuring the finest holiday fruit and Christmas fruit baskets to be found.

Skip the Stress and Plan Your Gift Basket Delivery Now!

If you want to make this holiday season hassle-free, order fruit delivered from Hale Groves in time for the holidays now. By not waiting to order apples and fresh pears for Thanksgiving or to buy oranges and other gourmet food gifts for Christmas, you avoid the risk of there not being enough premium fresh fruit available at the last minute. One of Hale Groves’ most popular winter citrus gifts is our amazing Honeybells, you definitely want to order these early! Honeybells are a holiday tradition for many, but the crop is often small, and so ordering earlier can ensure you’ll have your order locked in.

Giving is Great: So Give Fresh Fruit!

Want to feel good about your gift selections this year? Decide on premium fruit from Hale Groves. Fresh fruit can be hard to find in colder climates, fresh, healthy fruit is a thoughtful and delicious gift.

Many people buy oranges for Christmas, and navels from Hale Groves are so tasty and juicy. Then there are our amazing grapefruit – our plump and oh-so-sweet Rio Ruby Reds are a holiday tradition for many thanks to their mild flavor that never needs sugar.

Why Choose Hale Groves for Holiday Fruit

The holidays are a time when everyone wants to impress their friends and families, throw lavish parties, and enjoy themselves. Buying fresh fruit gifts is a great way to make your holiday shopping easier. Imagine how much time you’ll save when you can get all of your holiday shopping done in one afternoon or evening without having to leave your home…ordering fresh fruit gifts online is quick and easy, and can be done in your PJs with a cup of hot chocolate nearby (which is a much better way to shop than fighting the crowds at the mall!)

And no matter where your loved ones live, their order will always arrive fresh and perfect because we make sure to carefully pack your fruit gifts so they are safe and protected, ready to enjoy when they arrive. You’re guaranteed to get a call thanking you for your lovely gift…healthy, tasty, and thoughtful, fruit from Hale Groves is a gift you can feel good about sending.

Don’t Forget to Order Fruit for Yourself!

You can also order fresh fruit gifts for yourself to dress up the house, provide festive, low-calorie, and healthy snacks for holiday parties, and to use when cooking. Holiday dishes demand the best ingredients, and that includes premium Florida citrus fruit. So this year, make the holidays a lot simpler and order all your fresh fruit gifts early. Your seasonal fresh fruit will be shipped to your door, and your fresh fruit gifts will be sent directly to your loved ones to make this holiday hassle-free. Happy holidays indeed!

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