A Look Inside the Groves – October 2022 Hale Groves Update

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October Grove Update:

We’re thrilled so far with what we’re seeing across all of our varieties. Last years cooler, drier winter is paying off. The bloom was very uniform, which should translate to more consistent maturity and sizing. Grapefruit specifically is looking fantastic.

During the summer, the trees are in a vegetative phase and utilize their resources for vegetation . The shift in weather patterns from summer rain to dry fall is what triggers the tree to transition out of the vegetative phase and move toward fruit maturation. Basically, “growing” season is over for the tree and the resources are shifted to the fruit. This begins the brix building as the carbs and sugars are diverted to the fruit.

The trees look very healthy. We’re excited this time of year as things begin to really happen and we prepare for harvest season!

In the Orchards:

We are actively harvesting apples now and seeing great things out of the initial fruit coming off the tree. Color is great, size is better than we anticipated with the heat and will be an excellent crop for our season! We are still early in the harvest season, but so far, very happy to see the great quality and condition of the fruit!

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