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Fall is officially here! Hot, humid days are over and cool, crisp weather has come, along with colored leaves, tailgating, and hanging out by the fire pit to chase away the chill. Fall is a special time of year to many people, and especially to those who celebrate a birthday during the fall months. Here’s a fun fact: more babies are born in September than in any other month. That means the odds of you having to shop for a birthday gift for someone with a fall birthday is higher than at other times of year!

Mail Gift Baskets to Your Friends Having Birthdays This Fall!

Make sure you add “send fruit basket” to your to-do list this fall. Gourmet fruit gift baskets make great birthday gifts for anyone you know who’s having a fall birthday. For the health nut in your life – or the person looking to cut down on treats before the holiday season begins – apple gift boxes and other healthy gift basket ideas are a welcome alternative to the usual sugar-laden treats.

Here are just a few unique gift ideas for your birthday recipient:

  • Orchard Fresh Apples, Only $29.99. Unsure about sending an apples gift to your loved ones? Don’t be – these beauties aren’t like anything you’ll find in the grocery store! To get apples fresher than this you’d have to pick them yourself, and while that’s always an option (many orchards offer you the opportunity to pick your own), it’s not always practical. And if your recipient lives at a distance, it’s definitely not. Our amazing apples are big, bright, crisp, and so sweet they’re a decadent birthday treat all on their own!
  • Pear Sampler, Only $34.99. Thank apples are the quintessential fall fruit? There’s another: pears! That why another of our most popular fruit gifts online is our Pear Sampler. This wonderful gift assortment contains two each of our most popular pears: Comice, D’Anjou Pears Golden Bosc Pears, and Starkrimson. All have been picked at their peak of freshness, are carefully hand packed, and rushed to your recipients door ready to enjoy. It’s pear-fection in a box!
  • Orange Extravaganza, Starting at $39.99. If you know some folks with November birthdays, citrus fruit gifts are the way to go. Indulge your recipient with fabulous fruit varieties including seedless, fragrant and juicy Grove Navel Oranges; Honey-Sweet Tangerines that are thin-skinned and easy to peel; and Petite Cara Cara Navels with a deep red flesh that’s luscious and spicy sweet. Your gift ships fresh in a festive box, carefully packed to arrive in great condition!

Shop Gift Baskets for Fall Birthdays

Having trouble coming up with the perfect birthday gift for a special someone? A gift basket with an assortment of items could be the answer.

Many would share the opinion that fall is the most beautiful season. Various natural colors and scents make this season truly magical. Here are some of our recommendations if youwish to send a fresh fruit basket as a gift:

  • Colorful Fruit Basket, Only $29.99. This affordable gift contains six of our most popular fruit varieties along with some decadent, foil-wrapped milk chocolates for a festive touch. Fruit includes a sweet Grapefruit, seedless Navel Orange, easy-peel Tangerine, crispy Orchard Fresh Apple, berry-toned Cara Cara Petite Navel, and a creamy Pear.
  • All Season’s Fruit Basket, Only $39.99. Just the right size for your special someone, this chipwood basket contains a sampling of favorite fruit to suit any taste, including Grove-fresh Navel Oranges, crisp orchard Apples, smooth dessert Pears, a Tangerine and a Ruby Red Grapefruit. Guaranteed to arrive fresh and irresistible, it will be a hit with your recipient’s whole family!
  • Orchard Basket, Only $69.99. We’ve packed fresh fruit with a variety of sweet treats and nuts into a traditional Shaker-style basket. Your recipient will be delighted with fresh, seedless Grove Navel Oranges, sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, and easy-peel Tangerines, plus a delicious D’Anjou Pear and a crisp Orchard Apple. Those with a sweet tooth will especially appreciate our gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Coconut Patties, and Milk Chocolates, plus Mixed Nuts for a hint of salt and crunch.

Looking for fall gift basket ideas? Our harvest baskets are a great gift as the weather turns and the seasons change. Shop our fall gifts at Hale Groves today!

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