Why is Hale Groves Holiday Fruit Rainbow so Popular?

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Looking for a great gift idea? Choose fruit! Fruit is universally loved, and no wonder: it’s tasty, easy to eat, and full of nutrients. Plus, fruit is full of water and fiber, so it keeps you full as well as hydrated. Fresh fruit is a favorite because it can be eaten out of hand, used in salads or your favorite recipes, used to top cereal, made into smoothies – the possibilities are endless!

“The best-tasting fruit I’ve ever received! This is the second time I’ve received a Hale Groves Holiday Fruit Rainbow box. Delicious both times! The Orchard Apples are heavenly – best I’ve ever had. I have yet to eat a less-than-fresh piece of fruit. I trust each piece will be great – and it is. Heads and tails above the grocery store fruit.” – A Satisfied Customer from Los Angeles, California

‘Tis the season for sending a fresh fruit box to your friends, loved ones, and business associates! If you’re blanking on what to send people this holiday season, there’s nothing like gift fruits. As we at Hale Groves like to say, “fruit always fits!”

Fruit arrangements are great for just about anyone. Fresh fruit is a staple loved by nearly everyone, and it fits with nearly every diet plan. But while you can’t go wrong in ordering fruit from Hale Groves, which fruit arrangement should you choose?

“A wonderful gift I am thoroughly enjoying! This package includes a great selection of perfect, juicy, delicious fruit that arrived in good condition in time for the holidays. Hale Groves far exceeds the other citrus fruit retailers and I highly recommend them.” – Katz from Colorado

Allow us to recommend our famous Holiday Fruit Rainbow!

Not only is the Holiday Fruit Rainbow affordable at just $59.99, it’s a wonderful gift for many people, from families to co-workers.

When we deliver fresh fruit to your friends, family, and clients, we’re not just delivering fruit – we’re delivery a rainbow of color, health and fragrance that arrives just in time to brighten the drabness of winter.

Colorful, plentiful and oh so good, our largest holiday variety box contains twenty-seven pieces of premium fruit the likes of which you’ll never find in a local grocery store: three plump Ruby Red Grapefruit that are so sweet they never need sugar, four berry-tasting Petite Red Navel Oranges, four seedless Grove Navel Oranges, four buttery-textured D’Anjou Pears, four crispy Orchard Apples, four juicy Holiday Gold Mandarins, and four easy-peel Honey-Sweet Tangerines. There’s enough here to decorate a Christmas tree or fill plenty of stockings! And all of it picked and packed by hand to arrive fresh at your gift recipient’s door.

“Healthy gifts are really appreciated! We usually send cakes and cookies to our favorite clients. But this year, after receiving a Hale Groves catalog in the mail, we decided to try to send gifts that were focused on healthier holiday eating. Our clients loved receiving fresh fruit that looked just delicious! We’ve heard many thank yous and appreciate having a new option for our business thank yous!” – Mel from New Jersey

Our popular Holiday Fruit Rainbow is a great choice if you’re looking for gifts for healthy people. Folks planning to live healthier in the New Year will appreciate a sweet gift that doesn’t contain processed sugars and fat! When arrange to deliver fruit from Hale Groves, you send them a gift that will impress them as well as a gift they’ll feel good about enjoying.

The Holiday Fruit Rainbow is a great gift for groups – order a box for a larger family, a business, or your own workplace. Folks will enjoy having plenty of fruit to share, and the variety ensures there’s something for everyone. (For smaller families and offices, go with the Mini Fruit Rainbow, which a smaller selection of the same great fruit and is only $39.99)

“Going to buy again…great product! This fruit was amazing! We ordered three: two as gifts and one for ourselves. It is really fresh, and you can taste the difference. Highly recommended!” – Laura from Michigan

All fruit shipped from Hale Groves is covered by the Hale Groves Guarantee: if the gift you order doesn’t arrive fresh and perfect – if you and your gift recipients aren’t totally delighted – we’ll make it right. We stand out from many another fruit delivery service in that your fruit is still on the tree at the time you place your order. To get navel oranges and sweet grapefruit fresher than ours, you’d have to pick it yourself!

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