Five Steps to Ensure High Quality Fruit Arrangements

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If you want to ensure you always have high quality fruit arrangements, there are several steps you must follow.

1. Learn how to choose fresh ingredients for your fruit arrangements.

It may seem like a win-win situation, but the reality is many people have no idea how to choose fresh fruit. They go to the store or produce market and automatically assume if the fruit is on sale to the public it is fresh. This is not always the case, so consumers need to learn to identify what is fresh by look and feel.

2. Be aware of the reputation of the vendor you choose when you buy the ingredients for your fruit arrangements.

If you are making your own fruit arrangements, you need to not only learn how to choose fresh fruits but also how to choose a fresh fruit vendor. Do not assume that every vendor is honest and trustworthy when it comes to the products they sell but rather make your own judgments based on personal experience and research.

3. Choose only the highest quality ingredients for fruit arrangements.

While most of the ingredients you use in fruit arrangements will naturally be fruits, you may also add other items such as whipped toppings, food coloring and even dips-some people even like to add other ingredients including dried fruits and nuts. The key is choosing only fresh ingredients from reputable sources.

4. Choose seasonal fruits for the best quality.

Even though most fruits are available all year, there are specific seasons that are better for those fruits. Instead of choosing “hot house” or imported fruits, try to choose the fruits that are in season in your area or in the area where the fruit vendor is located if you order online. You will find a better selection or quality fruits for your fruit arrangements by ordering fruits when they are in season.

5. Always check the freshness of your fruit arrangements-do not depend on someone else’s word.

You want to set your own quality standards for your fruit arrangements and purchase accordingly. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying the ingredients for the fruit arrangements or contracting with a vendor to make the fruit arrangements you need; you still need to make sure all ingredients in the fruit arrangements adhere to your high quality standards for freshness and taste.

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