Fresh Fruit: A Great Way to Lose Weight at Home!

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It’s been said that, by the time the pandemic finally peters out, each one of us will be one (or possible two) of the following: a hunk, a chunk or a drunk!

If you’d prefer to be a hunk – or at least fit and healthy! – it might be a good idea to use the timeout from eating out to work on cleaning up your diet. Joining a monthly fruit club (like those offered through Hale Groves!) is a great way to start.

Whole vs. Processed Foods

The “clean eating” movement has gained a lot of traction in recent years, and rightfully so – cleaning eating puts an emphasis on eating “whole” foods (that is, foods that have not been processed, refined or had ingredients added to them) over processed foods (which have been processed or refined to extend their shelf life, make them more convenient, or alter their nutritional composition to make them look, smell or taste different.

For an easy way to determine what makes a food “whole,” you can recognize it as something that exists in nature – a honey tangerine, potato, fish or stalk of broccoli are all examples of whole foods. A processed food is one that has been changed in some way to render it not recognizable to what it was in nature. How unhealthy a food can be often depends on the extent to which it has been processed – air-popped popcorn, for example, is a minimally processed food (the application of heat being the only method for changing the food), while a nacho cheese chip is an example of a heavily processed food.

Not all processed foods are “bad,” but generally, the more processing a food has undergone, the less nutritional value it has – and the more unbeneficial ingredients it tends to have, like fat, salt and sugar (all of which can put you at risk for obesity, hearth disease, high blood pressure and diabetes). Studies show that a diet made up of mostly whole and minimally processed foods is one more likely to improve your health and protect you against diseases.

The Health Benefits of Joining a Fruit Club of the Month

Carbohydrates have come to be regarded as a dietary villain over the past fifty years or so, but that school of thought applies mostly to simple carbs like those found in soda, packaged cookies and many baked treats.

Complex carbs are nature’s fuel, and we need them! The two types of complex carbs are fiber and starch. Fiber is especially important because it promotes bowel regularity and helps to control your cholesterol. It takes longer to digest complex carbs, which makes them more filling and is a good option if you’re trying to lose or control your weight.

Fresh fruits like navel oranges are excellent examples of complex carbs! A serving of grapefruit mixed with orange sections is a far better breakfast choice than a glass of juice made from a fruit concentrate – it has more nutrients, helps you stay hydrated, and stays with you longer. Plus, it’s refreshing and delicious! And if you want your child to perform better at school, skip the candy bar and offer him or her a couple of sweet tangerines – fruit won’t result in a “crash” the way processed sweets will.

The Advantages of Buying Citrus Online

One of the more obvious perks of purchasing a citrus basket online during a pandemic is that you can limit your errands and stay protected from exposure to the virus at home! But that’s far from the only advantage.

The best fruit of the month clubs (like those offered through Hale Groves!) don’t just deliver your fruit conveniently to your door…they give you access to more exotic varieties you might not normally find in your local grocery store. Depending on where you live, you may find it much harder to find fruits like Sugar Belles®, Honeybells or some clementines – fruit that has such a short harvest, chains stores can’t always get it in stock before the season is over. When you choose to buy your fruit from Hale Groves, you can try fruits that might otherwise be off limits to you.

But even if you prefer to stick with your tried-and-true orange and grapefruit varieties, ordering through a reputable company like Hale Groves ensures you’ll get the best quality, freshest and ripest fruit available. In fact, at the time you place your order, your citrus fruit is still on the tree!

Give the Gift of Health: Send a Citrus Gift Basket!

Has the pandemic been keeping you from going to visit family and friends? Let them know your thinking of them by sending them citrus baskets! There are few things that say “health” more than a gift box of quality oranges (navel, Valencia and other amazing varieties). While the times may be uncertain, fruit always fits every occasion. And after all, why should you be the only one losing weight and feeling great while you’re at home??

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