Which is the Best Fruit-of-the-Month Club?

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Monthly fruit clubs have been around for a while – long before the Internet, in fact. And they’re generally far more welcome gifts than the jelly-of-the-month club Clark Griswold’s cheap boss foisted off on him in lieu of a bonus in the film Christmas Vacation: fruit gifts by mail have been happily received by family members, friends, co-workers and employees for years. And these days, people placing fruit orders are a great way to stock up on delicious, healthy fruits for their own households.

What is a Fruit of the Month-Club?

If you have not heard of the term or are not that familiar with it, a monthly fruit club is a monthly fruit subscription in which a selection of fresh-picked, in-season fruit is carefully packed, shipped and delivered right to your or a recipient’s doorstep.

There are many advantages to taking part in fruit of the month clubs:

  • Fruit clubs of the month deliver your fruit right to you, saving you a trip to the grocery store
  • Getting your fruit by the month ensures you’ll get produce that’s in season at the time it’s sent, so it’s delivered at its peak of flavor
  • A fruit club of the month offers variety – subscribers get access to short-season, rare or unusual fruits that grocery stores may not carry
  • The best fruit clubs (like Hale Groves!) guarantee their products…if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right

Why You Should Opt for Mail Order Citrus & Other Fruits

Eating in-season fruit is so much easier when you sign up to receive fresh fruit boxes each month! When you find out-of-season fruit in your local grocery store, it has usually been shipped from far away or “forced,” which results in less-flavorful fruit. In-season fruits have the best flavor and, according to some studies, are the healthiest for us.

Your Best Fruit Delivery Options

All of your fruity cravings will be satisfied thanks to the fruit of the month club from Hale Groves! When you sign up for Hale Groves’ All Seasons Fruit Club, you’ll get (depending on the month/season) monthly fruit boxes containing the freshest Honeybells, Ruby Red Grapefruit, GoldenBelles™, Cara Cara Navels Oranges, Peaches, Bing Cherries, Florida Mangos, Bartlett Pears, Orchard Apples and more delectable fruit to share with your friends and family. You can’t find variety like this anywhere else!

The best part is that Hale Groves monthly fruit club gifts are available in many sizes and options. This lets you find ways to give that are always a perfect fit. With plans ranging from three-month fruit clubs to sending fruit in the mail for an entire year, there are options for every budget. Hale Groves monthly fruit clubs include traditional favorites such as the All Seasons Fruit™ Club, Citrus Lovers Plan, and our beloved Peak of the Season™ Plan. The best part is that everything is perfectly ripe and in-season for the best flavor.

Hale Groves Fruit of the Month Gifts

If you’re struggling to come up with a great gift idea, how about signing your loved ones up to receive monthly fruit baskets? A fruit of the month gift is sure to be appreciated on most any occasion! A monthly fruit basket from Hale Groves is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving for however long your subscription lasts, and it’s one that can be shared, so it’s always a great fit.

Not sure you’re loved ones would want a monthly subscription? Hale Groves also offers single purchases (non-subscriptions). These include fruits for you and fruit baskets/gifts for special occasions. We have tons of options available, some of which include other, sweet and savory gourmet foods and come packed in special, reusable containers and baskets!

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