Fruit Baskets Make Fuss Free Holiday Centerpieces

By : | On : August 5, 2014 | Category : Gift Ideas

This year don’t stress yourself out when it comes to holiday decorating. Use bright and cheerful fruit baskets around the house as decorations to bring holiday cheer to every room. Using fruit baskets is a practical way to decorate because fruit baskets are beautiful but very useful. When you’re hosting holiday parties using citrus fruit towers and baskets as decorations means that you’ll never run out of fresh citrus fruit to use in drinks and punches. You will also be giving your guests plenty of refreshing snack options when they’re tired of holiday sweets. And, when the holidays are over you can eat the fruit and re-use the decorative containers.

Fruit baskets are wonderful holiday decorations because they come in so many different styles. An ornate ceramic bowl filled with Honeybells is a beautiful centerpiece for a Christmas table. A festive basket filled with grapefruit and oranges placed by the bar will give the bartender plenty of fruit to make fresh squeezed juices that will go into the cocktails your guests will enjoy. You can even create a signature party cocktail based on the citrus fruit that you have on hand to make your party special. When New Year’s Eve rolls around having citrus fruit on the tables is a good way to give people something to eat that will help them from getting dehydrated if they are drinking alcohol.

If you’re planning a Christmas or New Year’s Eve wedding using fruit baskets as centerpieces is an inexpensive way to honor the holiday without making it the central theme of the event. Since people love to take home wedding centerpieces using fruit baskets means that your guests will get some delicious fruit to take home and you won’t have to spend a fortune making expensive centerpieces that you won’t get to keep anyway. And, citrus fruit holds up much better in the cold weather than flowers do. No matter how cold it is at the reception the citrus fruit centerpieces will look bright and beautiful when flowers would wilt and die. Citrus fruit baskets can also be made with chocolate, nuts, and other treats so that your guests can snack directly from the baskets before the meal which will help cut down on food costs.

This holiday season streamline your decorations so that you don’t end up spending a lot of money or time making decorative centerpieces. Fruit baskets are a great choice for decorating.

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