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It’s interesting that even though different cultures have varying ways of celebrating the arrival of New Year, they all somehow involve fruits. In Spain, they believe that eating a piece of green grape for each stroke of midnight brings good fortune. The Turkish people also have an interesting New Years’ tradition, which involves pomegranate. They smash the fruit on their doorways, and the more seeds that burst out, the more good fortune it brings. A Filipino may decorate his or her kitchen with an assorted fruit arrangement of 12 round fruits, signifying good luck for each month of the coming year. And round fruits and oranges symbolize prosperity in many Asian cultures.

The following are some of our recommendations if you plan to send fresh fruit baskets to your friends and loved ones to celebrate the New Year:

Fruitful Assortment Gift Box

This fruit gift set is packed with our select winter harvest of D’Anjou Pears, Orchard Apples, Grove Navel Oranges, and Tangerines. We also included milk chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, honey roasted peanuts, and a fruit and nut mix. This is perfect to serve during your New Year’s Eve party since there’s something to enjoy for kids and adults alike.

Taster’s Choice

The quality and variety of our citrus is something we take pride in and this set best shows why. We picked a choice selection of 5 varieties of citrus at their sweetest peak, and as always, hand-packed them to ensure that we mail fruit baskets that arrive in a fresh and pristine condition. The set includes Grove Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Honey-sweet Tangerines, Cara Cara Navels, and Petite Navels.

Winter Wonder Club 

If someone you really care about loves fruits, then we recommend this gift set that keeps on giving. Winter is one of the best times for citrus fruits as some gourmet oranges are available for a limited period during this time of the year. If you order fruit baskets under this set, we’ll send out representative premium citrus fruits for each month of the first quarter of the New Year.

For January, we’ll pick the best mini Honeybell tangelos. These are literally limited edition fruits that are available within a 4-6 weeks window. Those who’ve had a chance to taste them love them, as Honeybells are one of the sweetest, juiciest citrus varieties that stand above other oranges and tangelos.

We send the second part of the Winter Wonder Club gift in February with our highly sought after Temple Oranges. Dubbed as “The King of Citrus,” many fruit lovers share the opinion that is one of the best eating oranges in the world.

Finally, we top the Winter Wonder Club with some of our best Sweet Red Navel Oranges. Also known as blood oranges, Red Navels are known for their succulent, sweet taste and vivid dark red flesh.

These are some of our recommendations if you wish to send out a meaningful, healthy and tasty basket of fruits for the New Year.

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