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Some people think that sending a gift basket of fruit is a trend that has gone away. Truth be told it has already turned into a tradition and is still a healthy, multi-billion dollar industry that has evolved into a dynamic trade that can support the needs of other industries. How could it not be? Sending a gift is already a noble act but sending gift fruit is the most wonderful way of showing your care for the recipient?s health and well-being.

This holiday season feast your eyes and delight your heart with elegantly crafted gift baskets filled to the brim with beautiful assorted fruit arrangements delivered by the unparalleled mail fruit baskets company, Hale Groves.

Family Business

The Hale Groves business started in 1947 as a small roadside fruit stand and was operated by Steve and Polly Hale. Steve, a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve, and his wife Polly both decided to grow their family and cultivate their citrus trees in the area surrounding Florida?s Indian River. As their family grew, so did the trees they planted and when the time came for them to harvest their crops they decided to share their freshest, juiciest and most delicious citrus harvest to as many people as they could.

At first, their mailing list consisted of names of family and friends. Soon after, their list grew as they added the names of satisfied tourists who enjoyed their outstanding fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Back then it was only Steve who did the manual labor. He hand-picked the gourmet oranges and other citrus fruits from the trees, packed them in the shed behind their house, then took them to the Railway Express station. Polly did most of the behind-the-desk tasks like answering the phone, writing gift cards, and typing shipping labels.

A lot has changed since then and the family has grown bigger and bigger through the years but one thing has not changed: the Hale Groves commitment to only provide fresh, top-quality citrus fruits that can be enjoyed by everyone.

From the Grove to your Table

Being one of the pioneers of the fruit gift basket industry, we at Hale Groves ensure that when you order fruit baskets from us we will only send the best, freshest fruit that you, your family or intended recipient will enjoy. We will not divert from what our founders intended.

Getting a fruit order sent to you or your special someone is easy. Just browse our online store, select the fruits or gift baskets you want sent, indicate the address the gift will be delivered to, and process the payment. Once payment has been processed, we will personally select fruits that pass our high standard, pack them securely, and deliver them right at your doorstep. Rest assured that the fruit you receive will all be pristine, perfectly ripe, and ready to enjoy.

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