Giving Hale Gift Baskets New Life

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When we prepare your Hale gift basket, we select from the world?s finest citrus and gourmet foods to deliver something truly special. We grow the fruit, and care for it throughout its life. We care for the groves your fruit comes from for generations before we pick it, and will for generations to come. We love the idea that we are providing you with something more than a traditional present.

Hale gift baskets are a thrill to receive, filled with gourmet fruit and foods that are a delight to savor and share. But even after the last memorable bites, your gift basket?s life is just beginning. The usefulness of the gorgeous basket you now have is limited only by your imagination. Here we share some of our favorite ideas for giving Hale gift baskets new life once the contents have been fully enjoyed. Use these ideas as inspiration in your own home, and have fun blending form with function.

Attractive Storage Where You Live
We all have spaces in our homes where we spend the most time. We instinctively fill these areas with both the things we love, and the things we need. Because they are attractive in their own right, Hale baskets are perfect for many items we need to store without stowing away. A basket that holds the collection of seashells you found on a special trip can become a treasured focal point. A basket placed on your coffee table can corral a stack of magazines into a practical display. Or you can refill your basket with fresh fruits and vegetables as you shop, and provide a stylish home for those kitchen treats you want within reach.

Bathrooms and Baskets
Bathrooms and baskets just seem to go together. A basket atop a short stool filled with fluffy towels makes a comforting and useful display. Fill your gift basket with handmade soaps and a hand towel or two, and you have created a fragrant decoration to store your beautiful soaps in plain sight. You can also use a basket in a guest bathroom to hold items like hand towels, soaps, lotion, and a hand mirror to be sure your guests always have what they need, and can find it in a single spot that is both convenient and beautiful.

Use Baskets to Think Outside the Box
You can use Hale gift baskets to dress up any spot where a normal storage bin or container might be used. Some candidates for stylish basket storage are those handy kitchen utensils you need within reach, the smaller items you use in the laundry room such as dryer sheets, stain removers, and fabric sprays, and the items we reach for from the sofa like remote controls, reading glasses, and phones or tablets. Baskets can also be used as pure seasonal d?cor. Filled with flowers in spring, lemons and rosemary sprigs in summer, colorful leaves in fall, and fragrant pinecones and cinnamon sticks in winter, your upcycled Hale gift basket is a great way to bring the seasons indoors.

Decorating and Organizing with Baskets
As you can see, the ways you can reuse and repurpose Hale gift baskets are almost as varied and exciting as the fantastic fruits and goodies that come in them. Add your own twists to these ideas. The beautiful thing about using baskets in your d?cor is that you are never tied to one idea. The baskets can be so easily moved, rearranged, and updated that you always have a flexible result. This gives you the freedom to let your ideas flow. Now you can add sophistication to storage and style to your d?cor, while giving your Hale gift basket a new creative life that is sure to make you smile each time you see it.


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