Grapefruit Is Not Just for Breakfast

By : | On : August 10, 2014 | Category : Gift Ideas

If you ask most people they will say that grapefruit is a breakfast food, but really grapefruit can be eaten at any time of day. Just like oranges, tangerines, and other tasty citrus fruits can be used as snacks or in cooking grapefruits are a multi-purpose fruit that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. In fact, eating a fiber filled grapefruit in the afternoon is a great way to get an energy boost that will last until dinner time in a healthy way without a sugar crash. Since the sugars in citrus fruit are easily broken down by the body you won’t get the fatigue and irritation that usually comes after eating a sugary or high fat afternoon snack. If you haven’t considered eating grapefruits for anything except breakfast think about these other ways to incorporate citrus fruit into your day:

As a pre workout energy boost – Fitness experts recommend that you give your muscles an energy boost before you workout to help them function as well as possible. Energy drinks or sports drinks are full of processed sugar which your body can have trouble breaking down. Natural sugars in grapefruit or other citrus fruits are helpful for muscles and can help boost the effectiveness of your workout. You can also have a fruit smoothie with citrus juice in it before a workout to get the same benefits.

As a low calorie dessert – Baked grapefruit is sweet, and has very few calories. Grapefruits are packed with fiber and will help you stay full until the morning while giving you the sweet snack you are craving before bed. Baking grapefruit eliminates the tart taste, and if you add a little butter and brown sugar and then bake it for a few minutes you can turn it into a sweet, hot, delicious dessert.

As an after school snack – Instead of giving the kids cookies or chips after school let them have a naturally sweet and delicious citrus fruit snack. The vitamins and minerals in the fruit will give them the mental boost they need to finish homework, do activities, and stay active until dinnertime. Grapefruits are easily portable, so they are the perfect snack for kids who are always on the go after school or for moms who have a lot of driving and transporting to do after school gets out for the day. Buy a box of citrus fruit and keep it in the car so that your kids will always have a selection of delicious healthy fruit to choose from.

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