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hale-grovesHale Groves has a long history of providing their customers with ripe, delicious Indian River citrus fruit. Customers have enjoyed farm fresh citrus fruits from our Indian River groves since 1947. The Indian River Citrus District offers the ideal climate for growing multiple types of citrus fruits such as Indian River grapefruit, Indian River Honeybells, Indian River oranges and other citrus varieties. Since we at Hale Groves pick our perfectly ripe fruit to order, the characteristics that are bred into the Florida Indian River groves remain in the fruit as it is shipped to customers around the United States and Canada. Once you taste the delicious fruit picked by Hale Groves, you will never want to eat grocery-store citrus fruit again!

What Makes the Indian River Climate Ideal?

Agriculture is a science, yet there is also a lot of love that you can taste when you bite into any of the fruit grown by this Indian River fruit company. The geography and climate in the region add nuances to the flavor of each piece of fruit. The groves are planted in fertile soil, are bathed in hot sun and soak in the tropical atmosphere adjacent to the Indian River. The combination of these traits provides the incubator for Hale Groves’ orange blossom Indian River citrus production and there is no question that your palate will love the results. The Indian River district provides the perfect weather conditions and Hale Groves provides customers with expertly hand selected citrus fruit from our groves at their peak-of-sweetness and flavor.

Fresh from the Grove

The Hale Groves’ philosophy is to provide customers with fresh fruit right from the grove. Our citrus experts pick the fruit after receiving an order, which it is shipped within a few days after careful inspection and packaging to arrive on your doorstep ready to eat. You will taste the Florida sunshine along with nutrients that nourish your body as you enjoy this gift from the South. At Hale Groves, we offer a delicious array of gourmet food gifts, gift baskets brimming with delicious fruit and gourmet treats, as well as boxes of individual citrus fruits from our Indian River groves selection. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality fruits with an ironclad guarantee. Fresher and better, direct from the tree to your family and friends!

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