Top 10 Ideas To Enjoy Vidalia Onions

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vidalia-onionVidalia Onion season starts in the middle of April, and typically runs through the beginning of September. While many people love Vidalias, they might not know all the great ways that sweet onions can be used. Here are 10 recipe ideas so you can get the most out of your Vidalia sweet onions.

1. Vidalia-Honey Vinaigrette – Add some Vidalia onion sweetness to your favorite salad, and get a sweet and savory treat that’s perfectly refreshing for a warm summer night.

2. Georgia Vidalia Onions as a side dish – Ever thought about just eating a sweet Vidalia Onion? Grilled or microwaved until soft, they can make a great side dish.

3. Pear and Vidalia pan gravy – This gravy is easy to make, goes very well with pork chops, and gives a lighter, more modern twist on a classic favorite dish.

4. Vidalia onion tart – This rustic tart is simple to make and you can choose the kinds of fillings you like, for your own unique creation each and every time you make it.

5. Tomato and sweet Vidalia onion salad – want something light and cool? A sweet onion and fresh tomato salad can be very refreshing on a hot summer day.

6. Sweet onion barbecue sauce – barbecue sauce is serious business for many people, and sweet onions can improve the flavor or nearly any barbecue sauce.

7. Grilled sweet Vidalia onions and mango chutney – anything grilled tastes great with mango chutney, and you can make it even better with a sweet Vidalia onion in the mix.

8. Swiss and caramelized onion popovers – Swiss cheese blends well with a sweet onion and the rising nature of a popover keeps them flaky and wonderful right from the oven.

9. Sweet onion stacks – Georgia Vidalia Onions, bacon, a Champagne vinaigrette, and goat cheese in a lovely, classic stack. How could it ever get any better than that?

10. Onion rings – who doesn’t love a good onion ring? When they are made with Vidalia sweet onions, they are among the best side dishes or snack foods for your next barbecue or get-together.

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