Honeybells Represent Our Fresh Chances

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News reports are calling the previous ten years “the bubble decade,” while other headlines talk about bidding “good riddance” to 2009. It seems so many people these days are looking for a fresh chance, a clean slate, and a way to break with the past and greet the future on an even keel.

You probably wouldn’t think that fresh citrus fruit, for example the Honeybell tangelo, has much to do with these current dire straits. And you’d be right, at least on the surface of the matter. Fresh citrus fruit doesn’t have a lot to do with the economy, with health care reform, or with the job market. On the other hand…

Honeybells represent, without meaning to and without design, a number of changes we can all make to ensure that this coming decade is more stable, and more dependable, than the one we’ve all just left behind. The Honeybell, like all the fruits found in assorted fruit gift baskets, is a simple fruit, but sometimes the best wisdom comes from the smallest places.

Honeybells Are Nutritious

It’s an open secret that Americans have become obsessed with physical fitness and with looking thin, even while obesity in both adults and children swells to become our largest national health care problem. With the new decade, those of us who struggle with our weight have the opportunity to eat right, avoid fatty foods, and begin transforming our bodies into the physiques that we want to possess.

Honeybell tangelos can help with that. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, while they don’t possess empty calories, sugars, or fats. Honeybells are a rich source of calcium, to help your body develop stronger bones; protein, to help you body develop stronger muscles, and fiber, which will give your body better digestive health and resistance to illness.

Honeybells Are American

Regarding the economy and the job situation, Honeybells are a great way to buy American and to help local and regional economies. Honeybells are grown right here in the United States, in fruit farms and orchards deep inside the Florida peninsula.

Buying Honeybells from American farms helps stimulate the economy of the entire nation, and helps ease our dependence on foreign fruit imports. By buying Honeybells from an online fruit seller, you help stimulate both your taste buds and the efforts of fellow Americans to get past these trying economic times themselves. That’s not a bad goal when making your fresh citrus fruit purchase.

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