How Hale Grows Florida Tangerines

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tangerine_tasteThe perfect time to get your ripe Florida tangerines picked fresh for you by Hale Groves is from October through April during their harvest season. Hale Groves guarantee these extraordinary seedless tangerines are unlike any you’ve ever tasted or peeled before. Hale?s beautiful orchards are right along Florida?s Indian River, and we have been producing quality citrus from that region since 1947. This district is along the eastern seaboard of Florida and stretches for about 200 miles lined with fragrant trees of Florida tangerines and other orange varieties.

The rich history of orange groves in Florida dates way back to the early 1800?s when Captain and Explorer Douglas Dummitt migrated and settled in Spanish Florida with his family. Dummitt found the fragrance of the fruit trees to his liking and planted them on his land. Some of the original fruit trees still grow there today, so you are getting a little piece of Florida history with each citrus order you buy online from Hale Groves. The growing season and rich soil of the Indian River area along with the exact right amount of precipitation make their citrus so delicious. It?s well known all over the world that this region is the best for high quality grapefruits, oranges, and tangerines. 70 percent of the total citrus crop in Florida is grown on this exceptional stretch of land.

A Florida tangerine orange is never cold-stored when you order them, they are picked, and packaged as quickly as possible to arrive at your doorstep fresh, and ready to be enjoyed. Hale only sends the very best, and each crop is graded for the highest quality so that you only get the top picks of the bunch. Each order you place is specially packed to arrive perfectly spotless, and it rides along on a climate-controlled commercial truck at the perfect temperature.

It?s easier than you think to get fresh tangerine oranges delivered right to your front door for your whole family to enjoy. How does Hale achieve this? When you buy a tangerine online, you don?t get some days old fruit that?s been sitting in a warehouse. It?s picked fresh right when you order it, so that it arrives at its peak within 14 days. Your tangerine gifts will be the very best you can order.
Now is the best time to get your ripe Florida tangerines picked fresh for you by Hale Groves. Trust in Hale Groves to bring you the very best in tangerines this season. Shop our tangerine online and place your order today and experience all the goodness of Florida citrus!

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