Growing & Harvesting Valencia Oranges

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valencia-orangesFlorida Valencia Oranges are known to be one of the most delicious, and sweetest varieties of citrus anywhere in the United States. One of the reasons Valencia Oranges end up being so packed full of vitamins is the way they are grown, which is a little different from other oranges. At Hale Groves we allow these juicy beauties to mature a tad longer on the vine so that they soak up as much sun and sweetness as possible. You?ll know they are the very best of the bunch when they are ready to be harvested, packed and ship for fantastic orange gifts. They are extra juicy too making them the perfect oranges to fresh squeeze for a glass of tasty juice.

When a Valencia Orange tree is planted, it takes at least 3 to 4 years for the tree to grow and mature enough to produce perfect Valencias. Plus once the new fruit starts to grow, it will be another 18 months before it?s ready to be harvested. So taking the time and care involved in producing this excellent variety is an exercise in patience. It?s well worth the wait though, and the typical harvest months for Florida Valencia Oranges are between October through April.

Florida is the perfect environment to grow these orange trees, because the combination of the sunshine, rich soil, and predictable rains nourish each tree so that it only produces the very best fruit. This is why at Hale Groves our Valencia trees along the Indian River will never be without this lush juicy variety. Orange gifts chock-full of Valencia Oranges and gourmet treats can be ordered every year for your enjoyment.

We harvest the oranges by hand, never with a truck or mechanical picker because protecting these beauties is our top priority, so you know you?ll get an unblemished fruit. Also, when you order our orange gift baskets and boxes online, they can be sent anywhere in the United States or Canada. Hale is proud of growing and harvesting the best Indian River Valencia Oranges and now is the time to order your?oranges Valencia!

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