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Healthy Gourmet Fruit from Indian River, Florida

non-gmo-citrus-fruitGourmet citrus fruits from Hale’s Indian River orchards are protected from pests with natural solutions, not with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. Our citrus fruits are protected from disease by using natural predators or insects that control the population of damaging bugs attempting to invade our fresh Florida citrus groves. You can buy citrus grown in Florida from Hale Groves confident that our product is non-GMO.

Our customers enjoy Florida grown Indian River fruits that are naturally healthy and provide fresh Florida citrus that are the best-quality produce specially selected for our gourmet fruit baskets. Many Florida growers are using alternative methods to prevent more damage to valuable orchards. You and your family will enjoy safely grown fruit produce with Hale Groves all natural policy and our guarantee. It’s simple– if the gift you order doesn’t arrive fresh and perfect and you or your gift recipients aren’t totally delighted – we’ll make it right. You simply won’t experience Hale’s fruit level of freshness anywhere else.

Keeping Informed About GMO and Non-GMO

Many countries around the globe are struggling with crop loss due to a pest that destroys citrus trees by the hundreds of thousands. There are several ways to control these pests, some natural, some more scientifically advanced. We strive to keep our customers informed as well and we keep abreast of updated information about the damaging insect causing problems for citrus farmers around the world. An article from March 11, 2015, quoted the PEW Research Study Group investigating GMO, or genetically modified organism research as it applies to the citrus industry. Eighty-eight percent of scientists involved with GMO research are confident that this method is safe for crops.

About The Psyllid Insects

The damaging Psyllid insects originated from China, and other regions in Asia. Florida citrus farmers first found the insects in 1998 and began burning infected trees to limit the spread. The insects moved through the Southern citrus belt of the U.S.A. and arrived in Californian citrus orchards in 2008. The danger from these Asian citrus insects is that they also carry bacteria that infest citrus trees called Huanglongbing. This bacteria is responsible for a “citrus greening disease” that also originated in China. Citrus trees infected lose their vigor and there is no cure, therefore die off and must be burned to kill the bacteria.

USDA Research

Stepping up research to protect the US citrus industry, genetic engineers have communicated their research to the USDA on a method of GMO where they use a gene from the spinach plant that is very resistant to bacteria to create a citrus tree that cannot be infected by the nymphs. This research is far from ready for introduction into the industry. Florida, among other careful growers in the United States, is using other harmless insects that are natural predators of the Psyllids, to destroy the invading populations of the harmful species.

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Gourmet Fruit Club orders and citrus basket products are hand-picked and selected at Hale for premium quality. Order Non-GMO citrus from Hale Groves at www.halegroves.com. We offer Florida quality citrus online and you can rest assured your family is getting the best quality citrus delivery.

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