How Much Do You Know About Florida Oranges?

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Florida oranges are the most popular oranges for snacks, but most people don’t know that much about them or how important the citrus industry is in the state of Florida. Oranges are grown all over the world, but Florida oranges are preferred by millions of people because of the unique growing conditions that occur naturally in Florida. The soft, sandy soil in Florida combined with the tropical temperatures and near constant sunshine are the ideal growing conditions for oranges. The oranges, grapefruits, and other citrus fruits grown in Florida are famous around the world for their brilliant colors and super sweet taste. Here are some interesting things about oranges and other citrus fruits grown in Florida that you might not have known before:

Most Florida oranges get made into juice – It’s true! 90% of all the oranges grown in Florida end up in fresh and frozen orange juice. That might make it seem like there’s not a lot of oranges leftover for eating but since Florida produces millions of oranges every growing season there are plenty of oranges for making into juice and plenty leftover for you to buy as snacks and desserts. Florida orange juice is the most popular orange juice in the world, which is why most of Florida’s oranges are made directly into juice. Even though only 10% of oranges are left over to be sold to consumers those consumers are loyal to Florida citrus and have made it the most popular type of citrus fruit in the world.

Florida was the birthplace of frozen orange juice – Given that the citrus industry is the largest industry in Florida it makes sense that Florida came up with the process to freeze and ship orange juice all over the world. In 1945 the original patent for the process of freezing orange juice was issued, but the Florida Citrus Department which had come up with the process gave the patent to the US government hoping the government would be able to nationalize the procedure. Giving the patent to the government was a smart move that enabled the citrus industry to grow because it gave the citrus growers access to a bigger market. Unlike regular Florida oranges fresh orange juice doesn’t keep very long, and would limit the market available for sellers. Freezing orange juice just after it’s squeezed makes it possible to ship it and sell it all over the world.

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