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History is an imprecise science. Some stories are known to all and others are all but forgotten. The signing of the Declaration of Independence, the discovery of electricity, and the moon landing have all been well and expertly chronicled. But lesser events are often confined to Trotsky’s “dustbin of history.”

The fruit basket may be a relatively insignificant invention is the scope of things, but it does have an interesting history. Not to mention the fact that it is one of the most popular gifts to send through the mail. Where to begin?

No one knows exactly who created the modern fruit basket. Like most inventions, it was a product of its times, it filled a need. Businesses were growing in America in the 1940s, especially in the cities. Well-heeled bosses and executives needed a simple gift they could send to their clients and colleagues
during the holidays. At the time, the only mail order gift was flowers. But flowers were clearly inappropriate for businessmen.

Then some anonymous florist started offering fruit baskets to his corporate clients. They were a hit and the fruit delivery business was born. In recent years, the internet has helped suppliers cut costs to the bone, which has made fruit baskets online more affordable for everyone.

How does it work? Any business that does not have to deal with its customers in the flesh can save money by taking their act online. Hair salons, diners, and car washes all obviously have to interact with their customers in person. But when items can be shipped, a company does not need an actual storefront. Becoming an e-business saves business owners money on rent, utilities, inventory, and staff.

Selling fruit baskets online has helped thousands of businesses survive and even thrive in the wake of the Great Recession. While most other sectors of the economy are struggling to regain their footing, e-commence is on the rise.

Due to increased demand and competition, finding a company that sells fruit baskets online isn’t always easy. A simple Google search will return tens of thousands of supposedly reputable sellers. What should you look for?

The company should be located in the state where the fruit is actually grown. For instance, if you are interested in fresh citrus, search for a fruit delivery company from Florida. Because the margins are impressive, many third-party dealers order fresh fruit from orchards in the Sunshine State and have it shipped to their customers. This practice not only leads to higher prices, but quality and freshness could be an issue, which is why it is always best to buy fruit baskets online from the people who grow it.

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