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Mangoes are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. This popular drupe is widely loved and enjoyed for its distinct sweetness. This ?king of fruits? is one of the most popular summer fruits and there are many tasty ways to enjoy it.

Mango Facts

So, what is a mango? The mango is a type of stone fruit or drupe that can trace its origins to India as early as 2000 BCE. This drupe thrives in tropical climates and first arrived in the United States in 1860. It?s the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines, and is closely related to cashews and pistachios. It has an oval shape and has been associated with love and fertility. The oldest known living mango tree is more than 300 years old and can be found in East Kandesh, India. This record-holding mango tree can still produce fruit despite its old age.

Nutritional Benefits

Many deem the mango as a super fruit. The mango?s benefits vary depending on the maturity of the fruit. While it is unripe, it has a green color and is rich in vitamin C. As the fruit ripens, its color changes to red and yellow, and its vitamin A content increases. There are about 60 calories contained in every 100 grams of mango. Like most fruits and vegetables, mangos are also rich in dietary fiber, and promote good bowel health. It is famed as an aphrodisiac, boosting the male virility. Its high vitamin A content promotes healthy eyes, while vitamin C promotes healthy skin. While the fruit is very sweet, studies indicate that tea made from mango leaves actually helps regulate diabetes. It also contains other beneficial minerals like Iron, which helps improve concentration and boosts memory.

Mango Season

Since it requires tropical or subtropical climates to thrive, mangoes in the US are locally produced in Florida, California, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. Florida mangoes are the most widely consumed among the varieties grown locally. Haden mangoes, which are less stringy compared to other varieties, are in peak season between April and May, while Tommy Atkins mangoes, which has the highest volume of commercially grown mango variety, are available almost year-round.

Know the Fruit

When choosing mangoes, there are three things you need to check to ascertain that it?s ripe and ready for consumption. First, check the color. Unripe mango has a green color and gradually turns red then yellow as it ripens. You can also check the firmness of the fruit, since it?s harder and crispier while it?s unripe, and it softens the riper it gets. Finally, you can smell it on the stem end. A ripe mango is very fragrant.

There are plenty of ways to eat a mango. It can be eaten as is, preserved as a jam, baked in pies or used for cakes. A mango smoothie or mango ice cream is a great way to beat the heat during summer afternoons. Its characteristic sweetness can also compliment various meat dishes. It?s distinct flavor and versatility, as well as the health benefits it offers, more than justify its reputation as the king of fruits.

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