A Look Inside the Groves – June 2019 Hale Groves Update

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The nice straight tree row is accomplished by hedging the trees each year. The hedging is done by a large ?hedging? machine with special high speed circular saw blades mounted vertically on booms cutting both sides as it travels down the tree rows. This maintains a manageable height and width between trees which aids in harvesting and production while reducing mechanical damage to the fruit and trees as equipment travels up and down the rows.

By stepping back you can see how many pieces are on this 30-year-old Navel tree and how consistent the sizes are. This is a strong healthy crop with enough space between the pieces to allow them plenty of room to size and mature. At an inch and a quarter average size we are right on schedule to start harvesting in November.

This is approximately a month and a half old Navel that is 1.25? in diameter. These navels are consistent in size demonstrating a uniform bloom and fruit set.

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