Lesser-Known Benefits of Eating Fruit

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When you order a fruit basket or fruit box from Hale Groves for yourself or someone else, you know that you and that special someone are getting a special, delicious, healthy treat! Fruit gifts are ideal for just about anyone, from kids to those watching their weight to elderly relatives. When you send a fruit basket to a loved one, you’re sending a message that you care about them.

There are so many good reasons to keep fruit in a basket on the counter. You probably already know that a diet rich in fresh fruits does wonders for your health, including bolstering your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, reducing your risk of having a heart attack or stroke, and even helping prevent some cancers.

But the above health benefits aren’t the only ones you get from eating fresh fruit every day. Here are a few more reasons to place a fresh fruit order online with Hale Groves:

  1. You want to quit smoking. If you’ve tried and failed to quit smoking in the past, you probably are aware that adding more fresh fruit to your diet (or starting an exercise routine or picking up a hobby) is a good idea because it helps to replace a bad habit with a good one. But it may surprise you to learn that there are more concrete reasons to nosh on a piece of fresh fruit instead of reaching for a cigarette: for one thing, fruit won’t trigger your desire to smoke. In fact, eating fruit (as opposed to having an alcoholic drink or eating meat or spicy or sugary foods), actually worsens the taste of cigarettes. Also, the fact that fruits are high in both fiber and water helps you to feel satisfied – another way to lessen your desire to smoke.
  2. You struggle with depression. Did you know that studies show that a diet high in vitamin C (like the citrus fruit for sale you’ll find at Hale Groves, including Honeybells and Grove Navel Oranges) can help enhance your mood? It’s true! Moreover, fruits that are high in fiber (like Apples and Pears) also go far toward alleviating the effects of depression. Fruits containing B vitamins like Hale’s Rio Ruby Red Grapefruit also help to regulate your moods. Studies also show that the consumption of colorful fruits is linked to significantly lower risks of depression and anxiety. So, next time you’re feeling blue, try ordering fruit online from Hale Groves!
  3. You were born to run. In training for a neighborhood 5K Fresh fruit provides vitamins and minerals that help you improve your exercise performance and aid in your recovery. The vitamin C found in citrus fruits helps repair your body tissues after a workout, while potassium (found in Oranges and Grapefruit) ensures your muscles function properly so they don’t cramp up during a long workout. And don’t forget about fresh Cherries…just one serving a day during the summer months will ensure you experience less inflammation so the after-effects of a hard workout or race will be less challenging.
  4. You want your kids (or your partner) to be healthy. Concerned about your loved ones and want to see them develop healthier habits? Lead by example! Research has shown that healthy as well as unhealthy habits can influence those around us. Smokers whose spouses cut out cigarettes are four times more likely to quit than those whose partners continue to smoke. The same holds true for other healthy habits, including eating habits. Find it hard to believe? Start making healthier choices during lunches out with co-workers and watch how they begin to mimic your behavior over time? As for your kids, when you make snacking on fresh fruit a habit they’ll be more likely to reach for a Tangerine or a Peach in place of a candy bar, cookie, or other sweet treat packed with processed sugar. That alone is a good reason to arrange regular fresh fruit delivery!
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