Make Your Skin Glow with These Summer Fruits!

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Are you looking forward to all the joys that summertime offers? It’s time to shed off those extra layers of clothing and head to the beach, lake, or pool; play outside with the kids, go for a long bike ride, and stroll around a farmers’ market! Summer provides lots of opportunities for soaking up some vitamin D, but it can be hard on your skin, so be sure to wear lots of sunblock, drink plenty of water, get lots of sleep, moisturize daily, and incorporate lots of skin-loving foods into your diet. Skin-loving foods? That’s right – including certain in-season fruits in your daily diet can do wonders for your whole body, including your skin!

You don’t need to rely on sunshine to get vibrant, glowing skin! When you incorporate certain fruits into your daily diet, your body gets a rich dose of nutrients and antioxidants that help reduce inflammation, prevent infection, synthesize collagen, and nourish your skin. So, if you’ve been dealing with dull, lifeless, tired skin, here are three fruits from Hale Groves that can be especially helpful in giving your skin a healthy glow this summer:

  1. Oranges

Does a juicy, large Navel Orange with breakfast help you to feel energized for the day? The nutrients in the popular orange (navel or other variety) energizes your skin for the day ahead, too!

Why they’re so great for your skin:

Delicious, refreshing navel oranges are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that make a noticeable difference to the health and vibrancy of your complexion:

  • Oranges are famously rich in Vitamin C, which helps even out your skin’s tone and texture by supporting the production of collagen. By restoring the elasticity in your skin, your complexion becomes firmer and tighter, and wrinkles are less noticeable.
  • Oranges contain citric acid, which helps unclog blocked pores and dulling skin and removes debris from your face. (This is great if you are suffering from a hormonal complexion, acne, or a sudden breakout.)
  • Oranges are high in Potassium, which is essential for healthy skin. Potassium helps keep your skin moisturized when eaten and used topically in homemade skincare products balances your skin’s PH level and helps regulate hydration levels.
  • Oranges are packed with Vitamin A, which helps strengthen the outer dermal layer of your skin. This helps smooth away wrinkles and fine lines and increase the flow of blood to your face, flooding your skin with oxygen and keeping it clear and healthy.
  1. Mangos

It’s always a cause for celebration when mango season rolls around, because you can buy mangos online from Hale Groves! Mango benefits your health in many ways, but fresh mango is a powerhouse of nutrients that are great for your skin, whether you enjoy it fresh out of hand, in a smoothie, or topically in a homemade skincare product.

Why they’re so great for your skin:

Succulent South Florida Mangos are loaded with healthy nutrients that support your skin and overall health:

  • Mangos’ high vitamin C content helps support your body’s natural collagen production, while their high antioxidant content helps prevent sun damage and premature aging.
  • Mango contains a high amount of vitamin A. It’s thought that vitamin A deficiency may increase your risk of developing acne by increasing your body’s production of the protein keratin. An overproduction of keratin can lead to clogged hair follicles and sweat glands that develop into acne.
  • Mango contains a polyphenol called mangiferin that acts as an antioxidant. Studies show that mangiferin can reduce your risk of skin cancer as well as other types of cancer.
  • Mangos contain Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant, helping protect your body’s cells from damage. Found in your skin’s natural oils, Vitamin E creates a natural barrier to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Mangos contain Vitamin K, which helps maintain the body’s collagen levels. When this happens, your skin retains a plumper, smoother, and more youthful appearance. This is because collagen helps skin maintain its elasticity, preventing wrinkles and fine lines.
  1. Apples

Apple is one of the most versatile fruits that is used widely for its various culinary benefits. However, this fruit is also a powerhouse of nutrition. Apples are a rich source of dietary fibre, vitamin A and C, calcium, magnesium and potassium. They help to expel the free oxygen radicals from the body because they are rich in antioxidants. This is a good choice in fruits for glowing skin in winter

Why they’re so great for your skin:

As summer stretches into September, the first apples appear! Orchard Fresh Apples from Hale Groves also provide many health benefits to your skin that keeps it glowing while the warm weather persists and prepares it for the cold weather ahead. Here are a few:

  • Apples are rich in Vitamins A, B Complex and C, all of which benefit your skin by helping to rid it of pathogens and excess oil. This can result in brighter skin with a more even tone.
  • Apples are rich in antioxidants that accelerate skin cell rejuvenation and help maintain a healthy, glowing appearance.
  • Applies have a high water content, which helps keep your skin hydrated. Drinking water isn’t enough – fruits and vegetable that are high in water are essential to maintain smooth, supple skin, and the high water-content in apples is ideal for sustaining your skin’s hydration levels.
  • Some nutrients in apples are known to offer protection from the sun’s harsh rays. This does not mean you should skip applying your sunscreen, but apples can help by offering natural UV protection.
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