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Why do fruit gifts continue to be so popular and so welcome? After all, if we want fruit in our Western culture, we can usually just hop in the car and head over to the nearest grocery store and get it for ourselves.

Presenting friends and loved ones with fresh fruit gifts goes back a long way – long before we could just drive over to the store when we were in the mood for fresh pears or mangos. In fact some fruits, like mangos, were almost impossible to get if you didn’t live in a climate where they grew, so receiving such gifts was a rare and exotic treat.

Why Shipping Fruit is Still Popular

Even today – maybe even especially today – fruit baskets remain ideal gifts for most any occasion. Not only are they an easy option for the gifter who wants to send an impressive gift; they’re also almost always embraced warmly by the giftee.

Ordering fruit gifts online is a great option for loved ones you haven’t been able to visit in a long time.

Fruit baskets are great “across the miles” gifts, especially if the recipient is someone you haven’t seen in a while. Tastes change, and you may not know what sort of clothing or décor your friend or family member has or may need. A fruit basket is a great gift because it is ephemeral – designed to be enjoyed in the moment, able to be shared, and a common staple that everyone can use. You won’t have to worry about fit or repeating a gift, and fruit also goes well with most dietary requirements. You can also base the size of your gift on your budget or the size of the recipient’s family.

When to Send Orchard or Citrus Fruit Gift Baskets

No matter what time of year it is, there’s really no time when fruit isn’t the perfect gift to send. Whether you want to buy Georgia Peaches online for your Dad for Father’s Day or mail order citrus boxes for distant family members at Christmas, sending fruit to your loved ones is a great way to show how much you care.

Centerpieces make effective fruit gifts to be delivered to groups of people to enjoy for their great taste and bright and cheery appearance. You can include several fruit choices to brighten up a room with a centerpiece to accommodate any holiday or summer celebration: buy Georgia Peaches online, or pears, mangos, apples, and assorted citrus fruits along with other gourmet treats for a one-of-kind gift they’ll never forget no matter what the occasion.

Fruit Gift Baskets Can Fit Your Budget

Delivery fruit baskets can be very reasonable when it comes to cost. Smaller arrangements start around the $30.00 mark, with our most expensive option less than $200.00 and many price points between. In most cases it would cost more to purchase all the fruits at your local farmers market to assemble the gift on your own – and that’s without shipping it. Plus, there’s no guarantee you would get the quality of fruit you would get from Hale Groves with our exacting standards.

Premium Fruit Baskets Offer Endless Variety

Sending mixed gift baskets of fruit and other items is an easy way to make a gift basket more special and memorable, as well as a great way to personalize your gift according to the tastes of the person receiving it. While an array of delicious citrus fruit is always a great gift, if you want to send something different this year, try sending a mixed fruit and gourmet treat basket.

Keep in mind that not all fruit gift baskets need to be fresh fruit baskets…dried fruit trays and baskets, alone or with gourmet nuts are always popular – particularly when they include fruits and nuts that have been dipped in chocolate or yogurt. The combination of salty-sweet flavors and chewy and crunchy textures is always a delight and pleases a wide variety of palates.

Specialty baked goods are another popular item that can be packaged with fruit to make a gourmet gift basket. Mixing baked goods and healthy fruit like oranges and grapefruit is a thoughtful way to provide a sweet treat for people who may not be able to eat sugary baked goods, such as people who are diabetic. Corporate gifts often incorporate baked goods, fruit, and nuts to have something that everyone in the office can eat.

Trust Hale Groves for Gift-Giving

When you send a box of fruit from Hale Groves, you’ll know the fruit inside has been picked at the peak of ripeness, hand-chosen for quality, carefully packed, and sent right to your recipient for maximum freshness. And the variety is unlike anything you’ll find locally! Everyone loves getting unique gifts, and a fresh fruit basket crammed full of treats including premium fruit and other gourmet goodies is sure to be appreciated by most anyone. Best of all, they come with the Hale Guarantee, which states that if you and your recipient are not delighted, we’ll make it right.


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