Hale Groves Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl

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grapefruit smoothie bowl

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 Jazz up your morning breakfast with this deliciously different take on the old half of a grapefruit. This Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl is zesty, creamy, and nutritious. And you can customize it with many toppings of your choice so that this breakfast bowl will never get old.

Frozen dark cherries add even more antioxidants and combine with the other unique ingredients to make our Grapefruit Smoothie Bowl not only tasty, but pretty in pink. Read through the recipe, grab the ingredients, and make this easy but oh-so-good for you treat soon.


1 Hale Grapefruit, peeled, seeded, and segmented

½ Cup frozen Dark Cherries

1 ripe frozen Banana

½ Cup frozen Cauliflower

1 ½ Tbs Cashew or Almond Butter

½ tsp Vanilla Extract

Your choice of toppings


Peel and segment your grapefruit over a bowl and save all of the juice. Place the grapefruit sections into a serving bowl and strain the saved juice to a blender. Add the remaining ingredients plus 2 or 3 grapefruit segments into the blender with the juice and blend until smooth. Pour over the grapefruit pieces, top with your favorite toppings, and enjoy.


Topping ideas: Granola, Pomegranate Seeds, Shredded Coconut, Plain Greek Yogurt.

Make ahead of time and refrigerate in a covered container for up to 1 day.

Try it with Hale Navel Oranges for an even sweeter version.

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