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Street food is made to eat on the go and many recipes that started on the corner are now household favorites. Street Food Recipes have moved from the sidewalk into the kitchens of both professional and home chefs around the world. Not to be left out, the delicious and nutritious Mango has made its way into the hands of thousands through this traditional Mexican Street Food preparation.

Far from just a mango on a stick, Mango Sticks are made in such a way that you can eat this juicy, tropical delicacy with ease. These fruit snacks are also called Mango Flowers, and their pretty design is also quite functional. This recipe makes 6 Mango Sticks, but is easily adjusted and you can even make just one! Round up your ripe Mangos, grab a handful of wooden skewers, and make this treat that will thrill kids, grandparents, and everyone in between.


(For 6 servings)

6 ripe Hale Groves Mangos

6 Heavy-Duty Bamboo or Wooden Skewers

Dried Chili and Lime Spice (such as Tajin)

1 or 2 Fresh Limes, cut into wedges


Carefully peel each Mango. Slice about 1 or 1 ½ inches off of the rounded stem end, to expose the end of the seed. If you cut some of the seed off in the process, that is fine. Insert a Skewer into the center of the exposed seed and push in firmly. The skewer should go at least halfway into the Mango, but not all the way through.

Using a sharp pairing knife, cut vertical slices through the Mango Flesh down to the seed. Make each vertical slice so that you have rows of flesh that are about ¾ of an inch wide. Continue until the entire Mango is sliced. Then make horizontal slices, also down to the seed, from the top to the bottom of the fruit, at 45-degree angles, to create ¾-inch squares. This will create segments that can be easily eaten in bites when served.

Sprinkle each mango with a liberal amount of Fresh Lime Juice, and then dust with the Dried Chili and Lime Spice. Serve with extra Lime Wedges as a garnish and enjoy this fun, unique, street food snack.


Substitute Ponzu Sauce and Grated Ginger for the Lime Juice and Chili-Lime powder.

Make ahead and refrigerate in a covered dish for up to 2 hours before serving.

Place a few Prepared Mango Sticks on your next Fruit and Cheese Tray to wow your guests.

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