White Peach Sangria Recipe


While there are never-ending varieties of wine and different types of fruits and herb mix-ins to choose from, the signature sangria is the drink for summer. We are no longer bounded to use the customary red wine cocktail; rather this wine punch has diverged so far from its modest origin.

What is the history of sangria?

More than 2000 years ago when the Romans explored the Iberian Peninsula, they planted vineyards along the way. Since water at the time was unsafe for drinking, alcohol was mixed in to kill the bacteria in the water. The first sangrias (came from the word sangre which means blood) concocted are actually heavily watered-down wine mixed with water, herbs and spices. In 1964 New York’s World Fair, sangria were served to guests of the Pavilion of Spain from Taverna Madrid kiosk.

How to make White Peach Sangria.

Prep Time: 10 mins

Ready in: 2 hours 10 mins

Servings: 6


1 (750 milliliter) bottle dry white wine

3/4 cup peach flavored vodka

6 tablespoons frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

1/4 cup white sugar

1 pound white peaches, pitted and sliced

3/4 cup seedless red grapes, halved

3/4 cup seedless green grapes, halved


  1. Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher and stir until sugar is dissolved.
  2. Refrigerate until well chilled (minimum of 2 hours, overnight to perfectly blend flavor).
  3. Serve over ice and top with a couple of fresh peach slices.


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