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    Water-Filled Fruits to Keep You Hydrated This Summer

    By: The Hale Groves Team | On: | Category: Fruit Facts

    Is the heat getting you down? Getting enough water every day is important for keeping your body functioning correctly, and your body needs even more water when the temperature goes up – especially if you’re outside in it, playing or exercising. It’s easy to go about your day without thinking about how much water you’ve had to drink or forget to take those sips until you start to feel bad. But water is vital to helping your body stay healthy and hydrated – especially in the summer heat. The good news is that you don’t have to rely just on…

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  • A Look Inside the Groves – July 2022 Hale Groves Update

    By: The Hale Groves Team | On: | Category: Grove Update

    Grove Update: Coming into July our Heritage Ruby Red Grapefruit are as good as they get! The internal and external color is absolutely stunning and they are exceptionally sweet with enough acid to give it that wonderful balance that you expect in premium grapefruit. We look forward to what the…

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  • Hale Groves Heritage Grapefruit Margarita

    By: The Hale Groves Team | On:

    In this recipe, the classic margarita cocktail is given a citrus twist and then kicked up with jalapeno to make a salty, spicy, sweet-tangy drink that is as refreshing as it is unique. Our Heritage Grapefruit Margarita is ideal for those times when you have a gathering, and a crowd-pleasing…

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