Water-Filled Fruit to Keep You Hydrated This Summer

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water filled peach

Is the heat getting you down? Getting enough water every day is important for keeping your body functioning correctly, and your body needs even more water when the temperature goes up – especially if you’re outside in it, playing or exercising. It’s easy to go about your day without thinking about how much water you’ve had to drink or forget to take those sips until you start to feel bad. But water is vital to helping your body stay healthy and hydrated – especially in the summer heat.

The good news is that you don’t have to rely just on water to stay hydrated this summer – while it’s true our bodies get 80% of their water intake from drinking water, that leaves 20% for the food we eat, primarily fruits and veggies. Here are five fruits you can get from Hale Groves that have a high-water intake to offer you a delicious way to stay hydrated:

  1. South Florida Mangos. In the wide world of tropical fruit, nothing tops our prized Florida Mangos. Ours are as close as you’ll get to straight off the tree, because they’re grown here in South Florida, picked and shipped to order. What makes them such a great summer treat is that they’re 83% water along with being packed with immune-boosting antioxidants. Eating a fresh mango can also help aid your digestion.
  2. Apricots. Instead of reaching for yet another glass of water, reach for an Apricot from Hale Groves. Sweet and succulent, these juicy little morsels are made up of 86% water and amazing sources of Vitamin A. They’re also rich in dietary fibers (which keeps you full and aids in your digestion) and can even increase your metabolism.
  3. Empress Plums. These delicious, juicy, delights are plump perfection and are a tasty treat to beat the summer heat. Containing up to 87% water, our Empress Plums are perfect alone or sliced into a summer salad, and are rich sources of Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium.
  4. Hale Peaches. July and August are known as the dog days of summer, and that’s when our amazing Sweet Georgia Peaches and Orchard Fresh Peaches come into season. Containing up to 89% water, our peaches’ sweetness, juiciness, and fragrance will spoil your taste for dry, flavorless, store-bought peaches.
  5. Heritage Grapefruit. These plump, thin skinned California Grapefruit are a blushing red and dripping with nature’s own sweet nectar. Bursting with juice and a sweet-tart flavor, they’re made up of 91% water, low in calorie, and big in nutrition and flavor. For even more hydration, try adding slices of pink grapefruits to your glasses of chilled water.

Staying hydrated is extremely important for your overall health. Drinking water is super important, but don’t overlook the high-water content of the above fruits. Arrange to ship fruit basket from Hale Groves full of water-rich fruits for your whole family to enjoy and drink whenever you feel thirsty, and you won’t have any problem staying hydrated this summer!

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