The Benefit of Giving Florida Citrus Gift Baskets

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Choosing the right gift for coworkers, family members and friends can be a daunting task. People who have large lists of loved ones to give presents to may find themselves overwhelmed. It can be particularly difficult for those on a tight budget or fixed income, especially given the economy these days. Regardess of your circumstances, Florida citrus gift baskets are affordable, practical and personal.

Florida citrus gift baskets make excellent gifts for just about anyone (save those with citrus allergies, of course). The contents can be eaten and enjoyed, as opposed to something that will just end up collecting dust on a shelf after a few weeks.

Of course, more than fruit alone can go into Florida citrus gift baskets. The contents of the basket are limited only by the gift giver’s imagination. Popular contents of Florida citrus gift baskets include orange scented soaps, shower gels, candles, shampoos and body sprays. Those looking to include these types of items in the Florida citrus gift baskets should remember to carefully wrap each item, or the fruit in the basket may end up tasting like soap.

For people who prefer to keep the contents of their Florida citrus gift baskets in the food only category, there are still creative things to include. For example, one could add a recipe as well as all of the nonperishable ingredients listed in it. Items like brown sugar, flour and spices can help make Florida citrus gift baskets unique and treasured items. Orange flavored teas also add a little something special to the basket.

One of the best reasons for a person to give Florida citrus gift baskets as presents during the holidays is because the fruit is at the peak of its season. The grapefruit season usually runs from September through June. The primary orange season typically runs from October through June. The specialty fruit season usually runs from October through April. Thus, the fruit contained in Florida citrus gift baskets in December or January will be fresh, juicy and delicious.

There are many different varieties of oranges that can be included in Florida citrus gift baskets, including Pineapple, Navel, Hamlin, Valencia and Ambersweet. Grapefruit varieties to include in Florida citrus gift baskets are Flame, Thompson, Ruby Red, Duncan and Marsh. Specialty fruits that transform an average Florida citrus gift basket into something with oomph include tangelos, Temple oranges and tangerines.

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