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Looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine? Shop Hale Groves for healthy Valentine’s Day gifts for her that are beautiful, delicious and guilt-free! Our Valentine fruit baskets are great alternatives to traditional candy and flowers. Baskets of fruit are ideal gifts for most any occasion because fruit always fits – with so many food sensitivities to keep track of, fruit baskets are sure to be a winner because they fit into almost any diet plan.

A Valentine fruit basket is a vibrant choice for February 14 because our delicious, sweet and juicy citrus fruit is at its best during the wintertime. But opting to give fruit for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to skip the sweet stuff entirely…many of our Valentine’s Day gift baskets also include decadent treats you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are our top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her:

  1. Happy Hearts Honeybell Box, Only $29.99

Here’s a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day! Perfect for your sweetheart, mother, grandmother, niece, grandchild or anyone, this pretty box decorated with colorful hearts contains sweet wishes in the form of mini Honeybells, Petite Cara Cara Oranges, Milk Chocolate Heart Candy, Chocolate Chip Cookies and a frosted Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookie.

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies, Only $29.99

Attractive, affordable and delicious! A reusable decorative tin comes packed with the classic favorite cookie packed with decadent chocolate morsels. Your loved one will enjoy them with coffee or tea, dessert, or packed into a take-along lunch. (If you’re lucky she may even share!)

  1. Honeybell Valentine Basket Box, Only $32.99

As a thoughtful Valentine’s wish, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful basket box tied off with a pretty raffia bow. Inside she’ll find Hale Groves’ famous Honeybell Oranges along with our gourmet cookies, chocolate hearts and tasty fruit-and-nut snack mix. Hale Honeybells are a rare hybrid of grapefruit and tangerine with a honey-sweet flavor. The fact that they’re only available for a few weeks each year makes them an extra-special treat!

  1. Homestyle Cookies, Starting at $32.99

Forget the chocolate for once – our citrus-flavored cookies add zip to sweetness, just as many a love affair does! Each large cook is expertly decorated with a dusting of coconut or zest and a drizzle of tangy icing. Choose orange, lemon or a combination of both. Packaged in a lovely reusable gift tin, these amazing cookies will elevate your Valentine’s Day into something special.

  1. Valentine Cheer Gift Bag, Only $34.99

Inside a cunning burlap bag with a pink lining and tied off with a pink bow is a selection of Hale Groves’ most popular fruits: easy-peel seedless Grove Navel Oranges, snack-sized, super-sweet Tangerines, and juicy, deep-red Petite Cara Cara Navels. We’ve sweetened the deal with Chocolate Chip Cookies, Foil-wrapped Milk Chocolate Hearts, and a Buttercream Frosted Sugar Cookie with Heart Sprinkles. Festive, fun and affordable!

  1. Happy Honeybells, Only $34.99 or Feel Good Cara Cara Oranges, Only $36.99

Our Happy Honeybells and Feel Good Cara Cara Oranges are a highlight of the winter citrus season! Your recipient is sure to smile as soon as she sees the premium fruit wrapped in smiley-faced paper…and she’ll smile even more when she tastes them. Juicy, healthy and delicious, our tangy-sweet Honeybells always delight, while the berry undertones of the Cara Cara Oranges’ blushing flesh is a rare indulgence.

  1. Honeybell Hugs, Only $39.99

This whimsical gift is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Inside a hand-packed box are 16 snack-sized Hale Honeybells wrapped in heart-covered paper and surrounded by our Honeybell Candy and gourmet chocolate candy hearts wrapped in red foil. A perfect gift of love!

  1. Happy Hearts Basket Box, Only $39.99

Send a box of happiness for Valentine’s Day! Our Happy Hearts Basket Box comes packed with our most sought-after winter citrus: Mini Honeybells and Petite Cara Cara Navels. You’re loved one will also enjoy a sweet, Buttercream-Frosted Sugar Cookie with Heart Sprinkles, Milk Chocolate Hearts wrapped in red foil, irresistible Toffee Bark, Hard Candy and our popular Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  1. Grove Valentine Favorites Gift Box, Only $39.99

This joyful gift box, carefully packed and beautifully arranged, is sure to inspire smiles. Inside is a selection of our famously sweet, seedless Grove Navel Oranges and fresh, easy-to-peel snack-sized Tangerines. Chocolate lovers will rejoice at the sight (and taste!) of our foil-wrapped Milk Chocolate Hearts and Chocolate Chip Cookies, while Crunchy Honey-Roasted Peanuts and sweet-tart Jelly Beans round out this generous gift assortment. There’s enough here to make sharing the love easy!

  1. Orchard Basket with Honeybells, Only $69.99

If you really want to brighten someone’s winter, this generous bushel basket is an excellent choice. Filled almost to overflowing with the best Hale Groves has to offer, this reusable basket is packed with our freshest Florida Honeybells, Tangerines, Grove Navel Oranges and a Ruby Red Grapefruit along with our gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Coconut Squares, Jelly Belly Beans and Fruit Slices. Roasted and Salted Pistachios add salty crunch to please every palate.

Like what you see? There’s more where these came from – shop Hale Groves online and discover more great Valentine’s Day gift options for everyone on your list!

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