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It’s orange, yes, but instead of being smooth and round, this citrus fruit has a bumpy-looking peel and a funny topknot at its stem end like those worn by Japanese sumo wrestlers.

This, friend, is a Sumo Citrus fruit – a king-sized snack with king-size flavor and nutrition you won’t want to miss!

Why You Need to Try Sumo Citrus® from Hale Groves

If you’ve been hesitant to try the Sumo Citrus oranges you’ve seen in stores, we don’t blame you – depending on how far you live from where they’re grown, they probably look a bit bruised and dingy. That’s because the bumpy skins of this fruit are delicate. When it comes to Sumo Citrus, order online – when you buy Sumo Citrus from Hale Groves your fruit will look a lot healthier, because we make a point of inspecting every piece of fruit our customers order by hand to ensure it’s the best possible fruit available. Not only that, we hand-pack it carefully and rush it to you so you can enjoy it at its best!

And of course, the real reason you should try Sumo Citrus is that they taste so darn good. Lower in acid than other citrus fruits, this softball-sized fruit is delectably sweet and a perfect way to assuage your hunger between meals.

What Are Sumo Citrus®?

A hybrid fruit made up of a satsuma, a mandarin, and a sweet orange, Sumo Citrus was developed in Japan, where the fruit is known as a dekopon. It gets its American name from the bump on the stem end that resembles a sumo wrestler’s traditional topknot. They’re excellent snacks when you’re feeling extra hungry because they’re large and ultra-healthy as well as seedless, easy to peel, have very little pith, and are very sweet and juicy.

Sumo Citrus® is a newcomer to North America – the trees weren’t grown in the US before 2011, and must be at least four years old before they start producing fruit. They’re also pretty high maintenance, which is why their fruit can be hard to get.

A Sumo Citrus Snack Provides a Blast of Nutrition

Like most citrus fruits, Sumo Citrus is high in vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin and antioxidant that aids in forming and maintaining healthy bones, skin, and blood vessels, as well as preventing the formation of free radicals. The fruit also contains lots of healthy fiber, which is great for your digestion.

Sumo Citrus are great eaten fresh out of hand, but you should also try using the segments as a topping for salads, yogurt, or in smoothies.

This winter, if you’re looking for a special citrus treat for yourself or a loved one, go big and order Sumo Citrus from Hale Groves!

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