What Are Honeybells?

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With a sweet name like honeybells, you already know these are one of the sweetest, juiciest citrus fruits around. When you hold a honeybell in your hand, you can feel how succulent the fruit is under its slightly pebbled skin.

A honeybell looks like a navel orange but it isn’t exactly an orange at all. Honeybells are actually a cross between a Duncan grapefruit and a Dancy tangerine. The dome at the blossom end lets you know its a honeybell. When you open honeybells, you immediate notice the lack of seeds or white strings typically found in other oranges.
Another distinctive quality of honeybells is their lusciousness. Honeybells are so juicy you need to have a plate or napkin handy while eating. The sticky, sweet honeybell juice is still likely to spill over onto your face and fingers! Some folks are known to feast on honeybells right over the sink to catch all the excess juice.
This tantalizing hybrid of a grapefruit and tangerine is harvested fresh in late December through January. Citrus enthusiasts eagerly await this elite fruit. Because of its royal status, honeybells are featured in all types of fruit gift baskets. The harvest season makes honeybells perfect for Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day. Winter anniversaries and birthdays are also a little sweeter with honeybell gift baskets.
Honeybells are usually about 3 to 3 1/2 inches around to fit right in the palm of your hand. These portable delights might knock you out if you throw them. Despite their compact size, honeybells weigh up to a half pound or even more because they are so juicy. These dimpled red-orange fruits are packed with sweet juice! With one honeybell bite, you’ll have juice dripping down your chin.
Because of their tantalizing flavor and unique weight, honeybells are considered premium gift basket fruits. When friends, family and business associates receive a basket filled with honeybells, they know you think of them as special. Make an impression when you send luxurious honeybells to your favorite people.
Honeybells are often featured in seasonal gift basket updates. You can have seasonal fruit baskets sent to your own home to enjoy the healthy taste of the freshest offerings. As soon as Honeybells come off the trees, they can be packed up for delivery to your door. Have the refreshing juice of honeybells dripping down your chin with your morning breakfast.
To keep honeybells fresh, store them at around 50 degrees. Don’t keep your honeybells in a tightly closed bag that promote condensation and mold. If honeybells are kept at room temperature for more than four days, you may start to see surface mold or softness in the flesh.
Honeybells are part tangerine but have a sweeter and more intense flavor. They are easy to eat by simply piercing the skin below the bulge, peeling away the skin and eating succulent sections. As gifts or a special treat for yourself, honeybells are a limited time citrus delight you definitely won’t want to miss.
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