What Fruit Can Dogs Eat?

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If Hale Groves has delivered fruit to you and your dog has given you That Look (you know the one!) while you’ve eaten it, you may be tempted to share. The question is, should you?

The answer is yes – while dogs fall under the order Carnivora, they’re actually omnivores, which means they can thrive on a diet containing both animal- and plant-based foods. In fact, some fruits can add healthy variety to your dog’s diet as well as serving as a feel-good treat – unlike many processed treats, fruits are full of antioxidant compounds (including Vitamins A and C, carotenoids, and flavonoids) which are proven to promote health and longevity in pets. Studies have also shown that an antioxidant-enriched diet can contribute to brain health in aging dogs, while fruits also provide increased hydration since they’re a good source of water.

If you’re going to feed treats, your dog fruit as a treat, however, it’s a good idea to know which fruits are all right to share with them, and how to serve them. Fruit is high in natural sugars, so moderation is especially important to your dog’s diet.

If you love to order fruits from Hale Groves, here are three you can share with your dog – and the best way to go about it:

  • Apples. From late summer to mid-winter, apple baskets from Hale Groves are a popular gift! If you like to order apples each season, you can share these sweet, crunchy treats with your four-legged friend – they’re high in fiber and vitamin A and have zero fat. Just be sure to remove the core, seeds and stem first. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you should also remove the peel. And do keep the serving size to one or two slices.
  • Pears. A pears gift can be as much benefit to your dog as it is for you! If you want to add beneficial vitamins and probiotics to your dog’s diet, premium pears are a good way to go because they can be served to him raw, cook, or mashed into his canned food. Even frozen pears are fine (as long as no sugar has been added). Don’t go overboard, though – just one or two bite-sized pieces is plenty.
  • Oranges. Oranges are the quintessential Florida fruit! But while you may look forward to these sunshine-colored treats each winter, it’s possible your dog may not – pets aren’t always keen on the citrus-y smell of Florida citrus fruits. If your dog is keen to giving them a try, however, go ahead and give him a slice – just make sure to peel it and remove all the seeds first. Also, if your dog is overweight or diabetic, you should give oranges a pass as they’re high in natural sugars.

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