What Makes Honeybell Tangelos So Special

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Honeybell tangelos are often called gourmet citrus fruit or premium citrus fruit. Fans of this honey colored fruit wait all year for it to be in season and order their Honeybell tangelos a year in advance. Why are Honeybell tangelos so popular? There are a lot of reasons. The biggest reason why Honeybell tangelos are so popular is simply the taste. Honeybells are a hybrid fruit and the taste of this hybrid is out of this world. Honeybell tangelos have a sweeter taste than any orange or tangerine and don’t have that slightly tart tang that some grapefruit has. Honeybell tangelos are all sweetness. And since that delicious sweet taste is all natural they are far healthier than candy, cake, or other sweets. People who love sweet things but watch what they eat love Honeybells because they are so sweet but don’t have anything artificial creating that taste.

Another reason why Honeybell tangelos are so popular is because they come into season just as the Christmas holiday is ending. When late December comes everyone is sick and tired of eating cookies, candy, cakes and other sweets. The arrival of a light and refreshing but sweet citrus fruit like Honeybell tangelos is the perfect way to balance out the glut of sugary holiday foods. Honeybells are only in season for a couple of weeks though, so gourmet food lovers practically fight each other to get Honeybell tangelos to stock their pantries with. Some people order Honeybell tangelos for the next year as soon as their Honeybells for the current year arrive to make sure that when the first Honeybell tangelos are shipped for the season they get some. Devoted fans of this tasty citrus fruit even have cooking competitions to see who can use Honeybell tangelos in the most creative ways in their cooking.
Honeybell tangelos are also special because they are so healthy. Normally food that is very sweet and delicious is not good for you, but that’s not the case with Honeybells. Citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines are full of the vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy and Honeybell tangelos are also full of those vitamins and minerals. If you’ve never tried Honeybell tangelos this is the year that you should try them for yourself to see why people wait all year long to taste these succulent fruits.

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