Exotics Fruits for your Fruit Basket

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Fruit Baskets are a great way to explore new types of exotic, rich and tasty fruits from around the world. oranges, but by exploring your taste buds you can find new flavors that you did not even know exist. These fruits often have properties and features that can have a positive effect on your health and well being.

One of the best fruits for increasing your energy levels is the Brazilian coconut that can be found on most beach bars along the lush coast of Brazil, including the world famous Ipanema and Copacabana beaches.

The fruit is sipped by beach goers as it flavorsome center increases energy and concentration levels. It has also been said that mixing the fruits juice with a spirit mixer can give you an extra kick in the night.

There are many standard fruits that we are all aware of such as apples, pears and
Another exotic fruit for your fruit basket from South America would be the native Passion Fruit. The soft a juicy center, the flavor, along with the rich bright colors of the fruit make it a special and welcome addition to your exotic fresh fruit collection. This fruit is also increasingly widely available to consumers in the western world.

The star fruit that is native to Indonesia and India is actually shaped like a star with a rich citrus/peach taste. It is high in anti oxidants and has a number of positive effects by reducing your risk to contract diseases like cancer and heart disease. The fruits unusual shape also make the fruit more appealing to children that often have to be tempted to eat fresh healthy foods.

The dragon fruit is native to central and South America. And has a unique bright pink color with white, black seeded mucus in the center. The fruit is most unusual and would initially look poison, but no the flavor is rich and is often used in smoothies and sundaes. The colors make it ideal for decorating a fruit basket.

The Lychee fruit is native to southern china and actually looked like a dinosaur egg. It has a think red shell that surrounds a white mucus in the center, which make the fruit appealing. The rich and grape like texture of the fruit is full in vitamins and nutrients. This fruit is increasingly being exported around the world.

Exotic fruits are being shipped around the world more and more as products such as fruit baskets are being filled with different foods to entice new customers and to encourage healthy eating. The new products are sold directly to customers or fruit baskets can be ordered online customized.

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