Why You Should Buy Mail Order Fruit

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Many of the best tasting fruits are too tender to ship in bulk by standard commercial carriers, which leaves the average shopper with a variety of unripe or less than top quality choices at the local chain grocery store. Mail order fruit provides a unique opportunity to have hand selected fruits that are in season, and perhaps more delicate, delivered right to your home. While the grocery stores carry the basics, specialty fruits are often difficult to find unless they are grown in your local area. Many smaller farms will ship fruit that cannot be found locally to an individual’ home.


Ripe fruit is juicy, tender, and ready to eat. None of these qualities work well for commercial grocers, as the shipping process causes bruising and discoloration when the fruit is packed in large quantities and jostled during transit. Commercial grocery store chains also have to consider the cost of wholesale versus retail. Shoppers prefer low prices, and grocery stores have to purchase the least expensive bulk fruits possible to meet these expectations. Low cost translates directly to low quality, especially when dealing with citrus fruits that are not grown locally due to climate restrictions.

Mail order fruit companies typically are small to medium sized farms. The fruit is picked from the tree or vine and inspected before being packaged. Because the middle man, in the case the grocery store, is removed from the equation farmers can mail fruit in specialty packaging that prevents damage during shipping. The end result is that you receive high quality, fresh picked fruit from the source that is tender, juicy and ready to eat upon arrival at your home.

Health Concerns

The interest in organic lifestyles is a popular trend, both for those with allergies to specific chemicals or preservatives as well as those that just prefer a healthier style of living. Unfortunately, unless you live in a major metropolitan area, organic fruit choices will be few and far between. Many of the popular fruit shipping companies supply only organic options. As you are often dealing with the grower directly when you purchase from such mail order fruit suppliers, you have the knowledge of where the fruit is grown, as well as the procedures used in the growing process. This peace of mind, coupled with the stellar quality of produce makes buying organic fruit by mail well worth the investment.

Regardless of the reasons behind choosing to buy mail order fruit, you can be certain that you will receive a much higher and healthier quality than is readily available at the grocers. Choosing a farmer or fruit supplier to mail fruit to your home will provide your family with healthy and delicious options for snacking.

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