When are pears in season?

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Eating fresh fruits is still the best way to beat the summer heat. They are not only refreshing, they are also nutritious and satisfying. With over a thousand varieties of pears to choose from, you can go for different pear varieties that either have a crunchy or soft peel paired with juicy, sweet flesh and unique flavors that range from citrusy, to floral, to vanilla-like.

Types of Pear

Different types of pear are cultivated worldwide, however, only a few are grown in the United States for commercial purposes.

  • Anjou Pearsoriginally from Belgium but named for a region in France, the Anjou Pear is an egg-shaped, mild-flavored pear with firm texture that can hold up well even after cooking, grilling or roasting. This juicy fall/winter pear comes in 2 varieties – green and red, with the color being the only thing that differentiates the two. Anjou Pears arrive in markets in late September or early October and are available nearly year round.
  • Bartlett Pearsconsidered as the most well-known pear variety in the US, Bartlett Pears come in two colors – green and red. The supremely juicy Bartlett pear has a classic pear flavor that boasts a soft flesh with buttery-texture. This pear fruit is great for snacking, canning, or making pear sauce. Bartletts are in season from August until December.
  • Comice Pearsit may come in different sizes but you can easily distinguish Comice Pears from other varieties because of their rotund body and short but well-defined neck. This Christmas pear variety bursts with fruity aroma and flavor, and finer, less-grainy textured than other pears in the market. This variety is available from September to February.
  • Bosc Pears – Bosc pears are crispy, sweet and juicy with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. With long necks and bronze-colored skin, it is easy to distinguish this pear from other varieties. Bosc pears are available from late September to April and can be used for any of your pear recipes.
  • Concorde Pears – this variety is a cross between the Comice and Conference pears and has a noticeable long, slender neck. Concorde pears are crispy when eaten right after harvesting and turn a little softer as they ripen. One other great quality of Concorde pears is that as they ripen, they develop a mellow, vanilla-like flavor. Concorde pears hit the market from September through March.
  • Starkrimson Pearsnamed for its glaring-bright red skin and after the Stark Bros. Nursery that had it patented in 1951, the Starkrimson is a summer pear that is in season from August to November. It features a crimson red skin, thick stocky stem, floral aroma, and sweet juicy fruit with pleasant, smooth texture. Starkrimson pears are great for fresh eating and tossed in a salad or added to bowls of cereal.
  • Specialty Pears – Seckel and Forelle Pears fall into this category as they are not widely available and are only harvested for a very limited time. Seckel pears are small, sugary-sweet pears that are available from September to February, while Forelle pears are small-variety delicious pears with sweet-tangy flavor and a hint of cinnamon-spice. Forelle pears are available from September to January.

Pear Nutrition

Pears are delicious, juicy and utterly satisfying. But the question is, are pears good for you?

  • How many calories in a pear?
  • The USDA National Nutrient Database noted that a single, medium-sized fruit contains 101 calories in pear.
  • How many carbs in a pear?
  • A 178g pear contains 27 g of carbohydrates (17g of sugar included).
  • What are the benefits of pears?
  • When you eat a single, medium-sized pear, it provides you 12% of your daily vitamin C needs, 10% of vitamin K and 6% of potassium. Other nutrients found in pears are calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin B-complex and folate. Pear health benefits also include better digestion, reduced risk of heart diseases and lower risk of acquiring diabetes as this fruit contains high amounts of dietary fiber which regulates cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. Take note that both vitamin C and fiber are present in this fruit so it can also help in protecting our cells and fight off free radicals that can cause cancer.






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