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Farm-Fresh Fruit Gifts from Florida's Indian River Region

Since 1947, we have built a reputation for unique fruit gifts fresh from Florida. Unlike other gifting companies, we hand pick your citrus gifts fresh from Florida groves as soon as we receive your gift order and not a minute before. Our special location along Florida's Indian River helps us grow the best fruit gifts including our sweet Florida oranges, our grove fresh navels, our world-renowned Indian River grapefruit and our rare and limited honeybells. When you place your gift order with us, your citrus gift is still ripening and sweetening on the tree.

As fruit and citrus experts, we spend most of our time in Florida groves. We sample and track our fruit quality all year long, making sure every citrus gift we deliver is without equal anywhere in the world. We know the precise moment when our oranges and grapefruit reach their peak-of-sweetness and flavor. That's when we pick it, pack it and rush these special citrus gifts direct to your family, from ours. Every fruit box and basket is hand packed at the peak of freshness.

The Best of Florida from Our Groves to Your Table. Our special Indian River location enables us to grow the best in fresh Florida fruit and exclusive citrus gifts. With the tropical climate, plentiful sunlight and fertile soil, our corner of Florida provides the perfect setting for growing our high quality, gift-grade Indian River citrus. We then offer and ship them to you as gift fruit baskets, mail order oranges, fresh grapefruit and other gifts from Florida.

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