A Healthy Fruit Arrangement is a Great Snack for Birthday Parties

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A seasonal fruit arrangement is the perfect snack for birthday parties because it is colorful, fun, and healthy. You can help mitigate the calorie damage done by birthday cake and ice cream by serving delicious fresh citrus fruit in a pretty fruit assortment as a snack at a birthday party instead of chips or other high fat and high calorie foods. If the birthday party is for kids serving naturally sweet citrus fruit is a tasty way to make sure that they don’t end up eating so much sugar that they are hyper throughout the party. Pieces of fruit from a fruit arrangement are also healthy party favors that kids can take home.

Serving oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits in a fruit arrangement will also cut down on the mess at the party. Unlike chips, pretzels, or cookies pieces of fruit will not end up crumbled into your carpet, under your furniture, or in handprints left all over your furniture and walls. Citrus fruit will not cause a huge mess if dropped or left out in the sun. The easy to peel fruit is simple enough that even small kids can peel and eat the fruit on their own which means that you will spend less time making sure that everyone is able to eat their snacks. And fruit is easy to clean up. Fruit that doesn’t get eaten can be put back into the fruit arrangement and eaten another day, and the peels of eaten fruit can be easily thrown away.

Citrus fruit also will help keep the guests at the birthday party hydrated even when playing active party games. The vitamins and minerals in the fruit juice will keep everyone focused and energetic, which is essential for having fun at a birthday party. When you serve sugary snacks or high carb snacks the guests have a tendency to feel lethargic about halfway through the party but serving a fruit arrangement of tempting citrus fruits will keep everyone happy and ready to play.

Kids and adults at the party who can’t eat sugary snacks or high carb snacks because they are on a particular diet, or need to avoid sugar due to medical concerns like diabetes, will appreciate having the option to eat healthy citrus fruit instead of just traditional party snacks. Giving your guests a healthy alternative is a nice way to let them know that you value their friendship and are glad to have them at the party.

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