Florida Oranges and their Juice

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Orange juice is easily the most popular fruit juice in the United States. Each year, Americans swallow over five million gallons of the zesty breakfast beverage. Why do we drink so much of it? The simplest answer is because we can. The US has been a world leader in the production of oranges for well over a century now.

Another reason Americans love orange juice is because our OJ is the best in the world. No, we’re not being overly patriotic. We’re simply telling the truth. You see, when orange juice is exported it is almost always shipped in dried form and reconstituted later on. Not surprisingly, this reconstituted orange juice cannot compare with the real thing.

Perhaps that is why America does not important much orange juice. In an average year, about ninety percent of the OJ Americans drink is processed in the United State. And most of it is shipped from a single state. Florida oranges are used to produce about eighty percent of the orange juice in American.

Why do we only drink it in the morning? Well, it’s not a law, but most people only imbibe orange juice at breakfast. The reason for this has more to do with science than it does with tradition. According to the eggheads, about 90 percent of what humans perceive as taste is produced by smell. And the scent of citrus fruits like oranges is refreshing, energizing and invigorating. Just the sort of thing you want when you’re tired in the morning.

Conversely, when we smell orange juice at night it doesn’t have the same effect. After all, at the end of the day we are tired and ready for sleep and the last thing we want to drink is a beverage our senses tell us will wake us up. Therefore, we often opt for warm milk instead. Let us take a moment to review the different types of orange juice.

When Americans first got a taste of OJ in the 1920s, there was only one variety, fresh. But as Florida oranges and juice became more and more popular, companies searched for more affordable ways to ship and process the beverage.

Frozen concentrated orange juice was introduced during World War Two. For obvious reasons, those were lean years in American and most consumers were forced to cut back on their grocery bills. Frozen juices were much cheaper and they soon became the most popular type of OJ in the States.

Reconstituted orange juice is the most popular way to send juice overseas. It can be shipped in either liquid or dried form and it is from concentrate. Because it is cheap, reconstituted orange juice is the second most popular of the three versions.

Finally we have ready to drink or not from concentrate orange juice. After decades of dominating the market, frozen orange juice was surpassed by ready to drink juices in the 1980s.

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