Grilled Vegetables Served with Orange-Dill Vinaigrette Recipe

The Hale Groves Team


1/8 cup finely chopped scallions
1 ¼ teaspoon dry dill leaf
¼ cup Dijon mustard
1/8 cup lemon juice
Salt as needed
Ground black pepper as needed
1 ¼ cups Hale orange juice
7 ounces olive oil
Vegetable oil as needed


To prepare the vinaigrette, combine the scallions, dill, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, ½ teaspoon each salt and pepper in a food processor.  While the processor is running, slowly add the Hale orange juice followed by the olive oil, mix until incorporated, cover and refrigerate.

Lengthwise sliced:
12 each eggplant, ½ inch (3 lbs)
12 each zucchini ¼ inch (3/4 lbs)
12 each yellow squash ¼ inch (3/4 lbs)
18 each sliced onion, ¾ inch (3/8 lbs)
18 each halved canned artichokes, well drained (3/8 lbs)
12 each halved plum tomatoes (1 1/8 lbs)
Hale orange sections as needed
Fresh dill sprigs as needed

To prepare each portion, oil and season (with salt and pepper) 8 ounces (2 slices) of eggplant, 2 ounces (2 slices) of zucchini, 2 ounces (2 slices) of squash, 1 ounce (3 slices) of onion, 1 ounce (3 each) of artichoke hearts and 3 ounces (2 each) of tomatoes and grill until tender (2-3 minutes per side for all vegetables).  Arrange the vegetables on a plate with 1/3 cup of Hale orange sections and fresh dill sprigs.  Serve with 1/3 cup of orange dill vinaigrette.
YIELD: 6 servings
Note:  the vegetables can be served over salad greens.

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