Paloma Cocktail Recipe

The Hale Groves Team

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The word paloma means dove in Spanish, and while the name of the bird symbolizing peace might make this festive cocktail apropos for the holidays, it’s more likely its name comes from pomelo, the ancient citrus fruit that’s the direct descendent of the modern grapefruit, whose juice gives this drink its signature flavor. Ready in just minutes, this delightful drink is sweet, sour, and refreshing.

The recipe below calls for our Ruby Red Grapefruit or our Dazzling Deep Red Grapefruit, as their sweet flavor and bright color complement the holiday season well, but it can also be made using a Hale Groves Sweet White Grapefruit. Recipe can easily be doubled.



  1. Juice one half of the grapefruit and slice the other half into wedges.
  2. Salt the rim of a cocktail glass (a highball glass works well) by rubbing it with a grapefruit wedge and dipping the glass rim into the salt.
  3. Combine ¼ cup fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice and agave nectar into the glass; stir.
  4. Add tequila and sparkling water, stir.
  5. Fill remainder of glass with ice, garnish with a grapefruit wedge and serve.
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