Surprise Your Loved Ones with Fruit Basket Gifts

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Looking to surprise a loved one with a special gift? Go with a fruit basket!

Send Fruit Baskets for Any Occasion

Fruit basket gifts are appropriate for any occasion, or for no occasion at all. You can arrange a fruit basket gift delivery for anyone, and it will always be welcomed!

Everyone loves getting an unexpected gift, and a fresh fruit basket crammed full of treats including citrus fruit and other gourmet goodies is sure to be appreciated by most anyone.

Fruit Baskets are Perfect Any Time of Year

Fresh seasonal fruit is available year-round! From summer fruits like peaches, mangos and cherries to fall fruits including apples and pears to winter citrus that last through the spring and includes exotic offerings like Hale Groves’ own famous Honeybells and best-selling Ruby Red Grapefruit, there’s something to tempt every palate. Sending fruit baskets is something you can do anytime – just go to our website to see what’s in-season and what’s popular right now!

  • May we Suggest: Colorful Fruit Basket Box, Only $29.99
    When you need an affordable gift, this one checks all the boxes: it includes a sampling of one each of 7 fruit varieties plus milk chocolate candies!

Gourmet Fruit Baskets

One reason why fruit basket gifts are so popular is because of the unique taste of fresh Florida citrus. No matter type of fruit it is, all citrus fruits taste better when they arrive fresh! No matter what time of year you place your order, fruit baskets delivered from Hale Groves always contain only the best, freshest fruit.

When fruit goes to market, it’s often picked and then stored for a few days before being loaded onto trucks and shipped around the country. By the time it reaches its destination, it’s covered in preservatives to enhance its color and add shine to its rind. But don’t be fooled – the fruit may look pretty, but it’s no longer fresh and you’ll know that as soon as you taste it.

The kinds of oranges, tangerines, grapefruit and other fruits that go into fruit basket gifts from Hale Groves are always bursting with fresh flavor because they are shipped immediately after being picked and rushed out so they arrive within a couple of days. Your friends and family members will instantly taste the difference between fresh Florida citrus and the fruit from the market! And you can be sure that they will love the delicious fresh taste of real Florida citrus fruit.

  • May we Suggest: Savory Basket, Only $69.99
    A gift basket from Hale Groves can include more than just fruit! Depending on the time of year you order, your gift selection can include delicious fresh fruit along with other amazing gourmet treats both savory and sweet.

Fruit Basket Gifts: The Right Gift at Any Time

So, if you have birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions coming up, go shopping online for fruit basket gifts today! And if there are friends or family members you haven’t seen in a while, surprise them with a fruit basket gift “just because!” We guarantee it will make their day to find fruit basket gifts containing real Florida citrus fruit waiting on their doorsteps with a note from you.

Affordable fruit basket gifts make it easy to give tasty citrus fruit to all your friends and relatives any time of year. Start shopping for the best fruit available from Hale Groves today!

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